alaska state fair
August 19 – September 5

2021 Vendor List

Denali Spur

LocationVendor Name
Denali LoopAlaska Motorsports & Equipment, LLC
Denali LoopAlaska Outdoor Shelters
Denali LoopArctic Home Living
Denali LoopCamper Valley RV Sales
Denali LoopFicklin Construction, LLC
Denali LoopGaric Hayes/Big Foot Decking
Denali LoopHusky Manufacturing Co.
Denali LoopQuality Equipment Sales & Service
Denali LoopSusitna Energy Systems
Denali LoopWood Mizer, LLC

Green Spur

LocationVendor Name
Green SpurA Alaska Monument
Green SpurAlaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers
Green SpurAlaska Heavenly Honey
Green SpurAlaska Novelty Photos
Green SpurAlynn Hair Designs
Green SpurBeadberry Patch
Green SpurBotanical Rhapsody Organics
Green SpurC’est La Vie
Green SpurCustom TeeZ
Green SpurFourth Avenue Boutique
Green SpurGhost Town Leather
Green SpurGranny Fanny’s Crochet  Creations
Green SpurHawaiian Shave Ice
Green SpurKraft Kountry  (Kraft with Kare)
Green SpurLa Joya
Green SpurMat-Su Democrats
Green SpurMonty’s Mink Blankets
Green SpurNew York Life Insurance Co.
Green SpurScentsy
Green SpurSipping Streams Tea Company

Green Trail

LocationVendor Name
Green TrailAk. Elephant Ears / Silver Linings, LLC
Green TrailAlaska Mobility, LLC
Green TrailAlaska State Troopers
Green TrailAlaskiWear
Green TrailAmanda Rose Warren Creations
Green TrailArctic Chiropractic
Green TrailBear Naked BBQ
Green TrailBellissima Cosmetics
Green TrailBig Dipper Concessions
Green TrailBirch Grove Studios
Green TrailBlush Boutique
Green TrailBorealis Baubles
Green TrailBricks Kidsz & Gears
Green TrailCajun Cookin’
Green TrailCalvary Community Church
Green TrailClown Around Face & Hair Art
Green TrailCorn Dog Corner
Green TrailCurly Bob’s
Green TrailDana Fashion
Green TrailDaniel’s Madhatter
Green TraildoTerra Essential Oils
Green TrailEli’s Dyes
Green TrailFair Hair
Green TrailForget Me Not Boutique
Green TrailFrontier Foto
Green TrailGladheart Acres
Green TrailHarkey Concessions
Green TrailHigher Purpose
Green TrailHoughtonhill
Green TrailHusky Burger, LLC
Green TrailIditarod Trail Committee
Green TrailJ & L Concessions – Food
Green TrailJ & L Concessions – Photos
Green TrailJBS Fashion
Green TrailJeepney Filipino Fusion Food
Green TrailKaladi Brothers Coffee
Green TrailLionel’s Seafood
Green TrailLouie Burger (Midnight Sun Lodge No. 117)
Green TrailMacho Nachos
Green TrailMain Event Catering
Green TrailNorthern Comfort Shoes
Green TrailPalmer Elks Lodge #1842
Green TrailPatty Wagon, LLC
Green TrailPhyllis’s Cafe
Green TrailPJ’s Crafty Corner
Green TrailPotato Palace
Green TrailRally AK / Save AK Spots
Green TrailRed Bird Kitchen
Green TrailSanta Fe Candle Art & Wax Hands
Green TrailSeafood Alaska
Green TrailSesame Place
Green TrailSilvertip Design
Green TrailSlap Shots
Green TrailSmokin Deals
Green TrailSnap Shots Photography
Green TrailSpiritual Sky Psychic
Green TrailSt. Michael’s Parish, “Slippery Gulch”
Green TrailSugarlash Enterprises, LLC
Green TrailTaco Dan’s, LLC
Green TrailTeam Gyros
Green TrailTeddy Bear Stuffers
Green TrailThe Beaded Moose
Green TrailThe Boardwalk
Green TrailThe Craft Market
Green TrailThe Look, Inc.
Green TrailThe Original Gourmet Ice Cream Bars
Green TrailTiki Pete’s Alaskan Grill
Green TrailViewdoo
Green TrailVintage Poppy
Green TrailWhombatz
Green TrailWild Bill’s Buffalo Burgers
Green TrailWild Rose Mehndi
Green TrailWoolies
Green TrailYe Old Klondike Photo Parlor
Green TrailYO! Spray Me!

Miners Loop

LocationVendor Name
Miners Loop6th Avenue Outfitters Cooperative
Miners LoopAlaska Adventure Gear
Miners LoopAlaska Crab Shack
Miners LoopAlaska Farm Bureau, Mat-Su Chapter
Miners LoopAlaska Farmland Trust
Miners LoopAlaska Forge
Miners LoopAlaska Friends of NRA
Miners LoopAlaska Guardian Angels LLC
Miners LoopAlaska Hippies
Miners LoopAlaska Solar Supply LLC
Miners LoopAlaska Works Partnership, Inc.
Miners LoopAlaSkins
Miners LoopAloha Whip
Miners LoopAmtgard of Alaska
Miners LoopAnderson Products Co.
Miners LoopBashor Blast, LLC
Miners LoopBeeswax Bags and Wraps
Miners LoopBlack Lake Buildings
Miners LoopBushes Bunches
Miners LoopChugach Mountain Roasters, LLC
Miners LoopCold Moon Collective
Miners LoopCraig Taylor Equipment
Miners LoopDanger Island Studios
Miners LoopExcalibur Sports, LLC
Miners LoopFly Trampoline Park
Miners LoopFright Night Haunted House
Miners LoopFrontier CBDs
Miners LoopGuardian Security Systems, Inc
Miners LoopHoly Archangel Candles
Miners LoopHoop ‘n Hula Milk ‘n Cookies
Miners LoopHydrate Alaska
Miners LoopJohnson Investments
Miners LoopLast Frontier Axe Co.
Miners LoopLions Club District 49A / Palmer Lions Club
Miners LoopLive On Artistic Designs
Miners LoopMoss and Bloom Design Co.
Miners LoopNavy Recruiting / Pacific Northwest
Miners LoopPatterson Homes and Flooring
Miners LoopPony Wheel Ranch
Miners LoopRe-Bath Alaska
Miners LoopRenewable Energy System
Miners LoopSafari Club International – Alaska Chapter
Miners LoopSeventh Day Adventist Church
Miners LoopTed Stevens Anchorage Int’nl Airport – Police & Fire
Miners LoopThe Alaska Club
Miners LoopThe Massage Chick
Miners LoopThe Mineshaft, LLC
Miners LoopU.S. Army Recruiting Co. Alaska
Miners LoopU.S. Marines
Miners LoopValley Community for Recycling Solutions
Miners LoopViewdoo
Miners LoopWalker Mowers
Miners LoopWhat A Bargain

Office Court

LocationVendor Name
Office CourtAlaska Mobility, LLC
Office CourtBlood Bank of Alaska
Office CourtEspress Yourself
Office CourtJewish Cultural Booth
Office CourtKiddie Limo
Office CourtMicrocom
Office CourtVibrance Metal Art

Purple Trail

LocationVendor Name
Purple Trail907 Clothing Co. 
Purple TrailAK Fairy Unique
Purple TrailAK Republic
Purple TrailAlaska Army National Guard
Purple TrailAlaska Borealis Mountain Farms
Purple TrailAlaska Chainsaw Carvings
Purple TrailAlaska Dollar Plus
Purple TrailAlaska Outdoor Access Alliance
Purple TrailAlaska Outdoor Council
Purple TrailAlaska Wax Hands
Purple TrailAlaska Wild & Free
Purple TrailAlaska Wildlife Images
Purple TrailArctic Home Living
Purple TrailAunt Phil’s Trunk
Purple TrailBear Essentials Custom Log Furnishings
Purple TrailBellas AK Epoxy / Alaska Resin Supply
Purple TrailBellissima Cosmetics
Purple TrailBirch Bark Artworks
Purple TrailCaribou Vixens Vinyls
Purple TrailCathy Boitz
Purple TrailChanging the Gray Street Outreach
Purple TrailCornucopia Cones
Purple TrailDesigner Jewelry for Less
Purple TrailDoggy Decadents
Purple TrailDonut Burger
Purple TrailDujour Fashion
Purple TrailG Street Fox
Purple TrailGlacier Bear Gourmet
Purple TrailGrizzly Grand Prix
Purple TrailHawaiian Moon
Purple TrailHELIALASKA, Inc.
Purple TrailHIS Designs
Purple TrailHowling Wolf Furs
Purple TrailImages Alaska
Purple TrailJamie Janko Art
Purple TrailJazzy Gourmet Popcorn LLC
Purple TrailLegacy Kids
Purple TrailLucky 13 Fashions
Purple TrailMagic by Robbie
Purple TrailMari in the Sky, LLC
Purple TrailMarky’s Facepainters
Purple TrailMat Su Republican Womens Club Est. 1947
Purple TrailMat-Su Fire Chiefs Association/ Forestry
Purple TrailNatural Healing Solutions
Purple TrailOdie’s Bead-it
Purple TrailOliva Grace Co.
Purple TrailOma’s Poffertjes
Purple TrailPeak Apparel
Purple TrailPhillimore Leather
Purple TrailPia’s Scandinavian Woolens
Purple TrailPioneer Peak Pretzel Co.
Purple TrailReuben Haus, LLC
Purple TrailRollin’ Donut
Purple TrailRussian Eats
Purple TrailSanta Fe Gallery
Purple TrailScissorkick! / Alaska Rug Company
Purple TrailShannon’s Bling / Paparazzi Accessories by Jennifer
Purple TrailShyine Designs
Purple TrailSilver Crafts
Purple TrailSlipper Chix
Purple TrailSourdough Jacks
Purple TrailSoy Oriental Fast Food
Purple TrailStarry Dreams
Purple TrailTalkeetna Spinach Bread
Purple TrailTeam Labh Solutions
Purple TrailThe Buffalo Wool Company
Purple TrailThe Cozy Mozy
Purple TrailThe Dirt Sheep
Purple TrailThe Waterworks
Purple TrailThrills Unlimited
Purple TrailTimbo’s Licorice Ropes
Purple TrailTons of Fun Entertainment 
Purple Trail
Top of the World Graphics / Just Made 1
Purple TrailTracy’s Treasures
Purple TrailTres Amigos
Purple TrailTwinkle Toes
Purple TrailVagabond Blues
Purple TrailVagabond Blues Coffee House
Purple TrailValley Armory
Purple TrailVortex VR
Purple TrailWild Alaskan Art
Purple TrailWise Tap Co.
Purple TrailWoolies
Purple TrailYukon Concessions, Inc.
Purple TrailYukon Concessions/The Nut House

Raven Hall

LocationVendor Name
Raven HallAlaska Division of Motor Vehicles
Raven HallAlaska Flour Company
Raven HallAlaska Jewelry Magic
Raven HallAlaska Job Corps
Raven HallAlaska Unlimited
Raven HallAlaska USA Federal Credit Union
Raven HallArctic Chaga
Raven HallBaby Vend
Raven HallBellissima Cosmetics
Raven HallBetter Water Alaska
Raven HallBMW / Butterflies 2 Go & Flitz
Raven HallBorgil Enterprises
Raven HallCigma Inc.
Raven HallColor Street
Raven HallCutco Cutlery
Raven HallDenali Tactical Knives
Raven HallEuroCAST Cookware / Homerun Products
Raven HallEuroshine USA, Inc.
Raven HallFamily Rest Stop / Alaska Family Services
Raven HallForget-Me-Not-Hands
Raven HallG3 Trading
Raven HallGhost Scream Hot Sauce
Raven HallGlobal Frequency Technology
Raven HallHeart Reach Center
Raven HallHolly’s Accessories
Raven HallHomer Tapestry Bag Co.
Raven HallHungry Bear Jellies
Raven HallImage Audio & Home Furnishings
Raven HallJohnson Investments
Raven HallKing Mountain Treasures
Raven HallKirby Sales Service
Raven HallMakamae Honey & Products
Raven HallMargaret’s Marvelous Marvels
Raven HallMassaging Insoles by Bjorklund Enterprises
Raven HallMat-Su Borough School District
Raven HallMeadowlark Apothecary
Raven HallOffice of U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan
Raven HallOkamoto’s Karate
Raven HallOrganix
Raven HallPorta-Bote International
Raven HallRadio Free Palmer – Big Cabbage Radio
Raven HallRebel Made Recycled Clothing Unhinged
Raven HallReleaf Alaska
Raven HallRenewal by Anderson
Raven HallSauna Health Store, LLC
Raven HallScentsy
Raven HallShader Productions
Raven HallShow Products
Raven HallSirens & Sailors, LLC
Raven HallTabernacle Ministries
Raven HallThe Gideons International
Raven HallThe Orthotic Works
Raven HallThe Sassy Buckskin
Raven HallU.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski
Raven HallUltimate Creations Infinite Aloe, Inc.
Raven HallVeterans Affairs
Raven HallViewdoo
Raven HallxmWiredTV

Red Spur

LocationVendor Name
Red SpurAlaska 3-D Printing
Red SpurAlaska EXCEL
Red SpurAlaska Spiritwear, LLC
Red SpurAlaskans for Gregg
Red SpurAunt Linda’s Funnel Cakes
Red SpurBuddy’s Pet Shack
Red SpurCrepes De Paris
Red SpurChild Evangelism Fellowship
Red SpurCity of Wasilla
Red SpurDamsel in Defense
Red SpurDippin’  Dots
Red SpurIn-fu-sion Boutique
Red SpurLeah Blair
Red SpurOcto World
Red SpurSpiritual Sky Psychic
Red SpurStoney Creek Charms
Red SpurViewdoo
Red SpurWhite Bear Leather
Red SpurWood & What Knot
Red SpurYES for Christ
Red Spur Things Alaskan

Red Trail

LocationVendor Name
Red TrailAK Life
Red TrailAlaska Art Alliance
Red TrailAlaska Art Alliance
Red TrailAlaska Commercial Services
Red TrailAlaska Girls Kick Ass
Red TrailAlaska Right to Life
Red TrailAlaska Tide Pool Co./Soap Cakes
Red TrailAlaska Wild Child
Red TrailAnchorage Police Department
Red TrailArctic Pups Dog Gear
Red TrailArt of Central America
Red TrailAurora Opal & Gem
Red TrailBad Girls of the North
Red TrailBass Pro Shops / Cabela’s
Red TrailBecky’s Original Kettle Korn
Red TrailBering Sea Traders
Red TrailBlue & Gold Boardshop
Red TrailBonanza Mexican Food
Red TrailBushes Bunches
Red TrailCaricatures
Red TrailCosette
Red TrailCountry Village Antiques
Red TrailDancing Skies Fiber Arts
Red TrailDenali Cream Puffs
Red TrailEl Perico Steak Tacos
Red TrailGlacier Pizza
Red TrailGobbler’s Grille
Red TrailHempire Co.
Red TrailJanette’s Jewels
Red TrailJohn’s Wooden Toys
Red TrailKing Underground Ak
Red TrailLove From Alaska
Red TrailMat Valley American Legion Post 15
Red TrailMermaid Imports
Red TrailMr. Gyro’s
Red TrailOffice of the Governor
Red TrailPamela’s Ceramics / Pamela’s Cottage
Red TrailPicture This Alaska
Red TrailPocono Marketing International
Red TrailPorkey’s 
Red TrailPristine Products
Red TrailProtect Your Pet
Red TrailRae’s Foods
Red TrailRaw Crystal Collective
Red TrailRed Barn Trading Company
Red TrailRoscoe’s Catfish & Bar B Q
Red TrailSalmon Express
Red TrailSeven North
Red TrailSidelines
Red TrailState of Alaska Covid Vaccine Taskforce
Red TrailState of Alaska, Dept of Corrections
Red TrailSweet Caribou
Red TrailTejidos Huinay
Red TrailThe Alaskan Soda Jerk, Inc.
Red TrailThe Rock Hound
Red TrailThe Waterworks
Red TrailTNT Enterprise
Red TrailTundra Comics
Red TrailUniversity of Alaska Anchorage / Mat-Su College
Red TrailValley Quilters Guild
Red TrailValley Tie Dye
Red TrailWhalebone Watercolors
Red TrailWild Smoke
Red TrailYukon John’s Pork Rinds

Yellow Trail

LocationVendor Name
Yellow TrailA Lure For Her
Yellow TrailAlaska Chicks
Yellow TrailAlaska Potbelly Pig Rescue
Yellow TrailAlaskan Ponies
Yellow TrailAlaska’s Original Shake Up
Yellow TrailBecky’s Original Kettle Korn
Yellow TrailBig Wood Chainsaw Co.
Yellow TrailC.W. Tack & Western Wear
Yellow TrailDoin’ It Alaska Style
Yellow TrailEinstein Labs
Yellow TrailExpedition 1959 Trading Co.
Yellow TrailFish On! Camp Grill
Yellow TrailGood Migration Studio
Yellow TrailGrandma Wei’s Homemade Dumplings
Yellow TrailHank the Moose
Yellow TrailHeadband Happy AK
Yellow TrailJonesers
Yellow TrailJ’s Jewelry & Novelties
Yellow TrailLabradoor Tea
Yellow TrailPeters Creek Catering
Yellow TrailQuality Restorations
Yellow TrailRed Carpet Flower Boutique
Yellow TrailRhea’s Mini Donuts
Yellow TrailSABA Bee Booth
Yellow TrailTop of the World Graphics / Just Made 1
Yellow TrailWhittier Fudge
Yellow TrailWren and the Raven