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France Equestrian Center

France Equestrian Center Facility Rental Features:

  • Three barns for stabling horses with a total of 102 stalls (approximately 10′ x 8′), 14 of which are stallion stalls with Dutch doors (same size)
  • Four hitching posts with water spigots
  • Two main 124′ x 250′ arenas (2 & 3) with bleachers for each and a VIP area between arenas
  • One 200′ x 125′ rodeo arena with bucking chutes (not included in FEC rental)
  • One 200′ X 65′ dressage/warm-up arena
  • One 60’ round pen
  • Judge’s stand equipped with PA system
  • Portable judge’s stand
  • Raised judge’s stand at rodeo arena
  • Men’s and women’s restroom with ADA compliant units
  • 12′ x 24′ pergola and picnic tables between arena 2 & 3
  • Large private parking lot
  • Concession stand
  • General store/show office space

France Equestrian Center Arena Rental Rates:

  • Starting at $150 per arena/per day(Includes the use of one arena and restrooms.)

France Equestrian Center Grounds Rate:

  • Starting at $500 per day(Includes all amenities listed under “France Equestrian Center’s Facilities”)

France Equestrian Center Damage Deposit:

  • $300 per event – (Refunded upon satisfactory inspection of rented area after event)

France Equestrian Center Haul-In Rate:

  • Open Riding – $10 per day (only available on days that the center is not rented for events)

France Equestrian Center Rental Form:

Have an upcoming event and would like to host it at the France Equestrian Center. Fill out the form below with as much information as possible and someone at the Fair will contact you shortly.

France Equestrian Center Floor Map:

France Equestrian Rental Parking:

France Equestrian Center Calendar:

Facilities Rental Contact:

For more information contact our France Equestrian Center Manager, Sierra Engler at  [email protected]