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1991 HABS photo

The Raymond Rebarchek Colony Farm is a historic farm property on Rebarchek Avenue in Palmer, Alaska. It consists of a 40-acre (16 ha) tract of land granted to Raymond Rebarchek in a 1935 land lottery organized by the Matanuska Valley Colony, a Depression-era agricultural colony project. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. At that time the farm complex included ten buildings, including Rebarcheck’s original log house, the first built in the colony, along with a dairy barn, wellhouse, greenhouse, chicken house. The original milking parlor and silo are no longer there but the original farm house is still standing today.

In 2002 the Alaska State Fair purchased the farm and have been developing this area to be a functioning demonstration farm. The land has been leased as experimental 1 and 5 acre lots. More information will be available as the project develops.

Rebarchek Barn and Lawn Facility Rental Features:

The barn has been updated and refurbished. This warm and cozy building has a spectacular backdrop of Pioneer Peak and plenty of parking. It’s an idyllic farm setting; sheltered from the outside world by trees, mountains, and fields.

  • Size: 1,275 square feet
  • Maximum Capacity: 64
  • Two accessible restrooms
  • Heat, electricity, and water
  • Event lawn area size:  31,500 sq ft
  • Additional adjacent 20,000 sq ft grass area available

Rebarchek Barn & Lawn Rental Rate: $1,800

Rebarchek Lawn Facility Rental Features

No restrooms or amenities included. Just a striking view of the mountains.

  • Event lawn area:  31,500 sq ft
  • Additional adjacent 20,000 sq ft grass area available

Rebarchek Lawn ONLY Rental Rate: $800