alaska state fair
august 27 - september 7, 2020


Important Vendor Update

We hold the well-being of all our partners and guests in the highest of priorities – which includes you, our vendors. With the news of some recent cancelations of fairs and festivals, we understand that many questions have arisen regarding the 2020 Alaska State Fair. We are aware of and understand your concerns.

Like everyone else, we are monitoring the outcome of the recently implemented state and federal preventative measures. At this time, we remain cautiously optimistic that the 2020 Alaska State Fair will continue as planned as it takes place in the fall. We will collaborate with all local, state and federal agencies to assess the situation closer to the Fair.  As a non-profit organization, we understand the financial impacts to businesses resulting from the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and are looking forward to a healthy economy in the fall; moreover, we’d like to show good faith by extending the March 31st vendor lease payment deadline to May 15, 2020 when all payments will be due.
Should government restrictions continue into the fall and the fair is canceled, you will be given the option to request a refund or roll your payment over effectively securing your space at the 2021 Alaska State Fair.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time and wish you the best as we weather this storm together. We will keep you posted on any further developments.
Take care,

Vendor Application Information

We offer two types of vendor opportunities at the Fair: 12 Day Non-Food Vendors and 12 Day Food Vendors. We also offer One-Day Vendor spots during the Fair, for Non-Food Vendors ONLY.

12 Day Non-Food and Food Vendors

Vendors interested in participating in all 12 days of the Fair please complete the online application below or download the printer friendly version email or drop off in person to the main office at 2075 Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK, 99645. Food Vendor Application Deadline is Friday, December 20, 2019.

2020 Online Non-Food Vendor Application

2020 Online Food Vendor Application

Deadline was Friday, December 20, 2019. Please check back after the 2020 Fair for the new deadline.

2020 Printer Friendly Non-Food Vendor Application

2020 Printer Friendly Food Vendor Application

Deadline was Friday, December 20, 2019. Please check back after the 2020 Fair for the new deadline.

One-Day Non-Food Vendors

The One-Day Vendor space is for Non-Food Vendors ONLY. Discount available for vendors with items that are handmade in Alaska. Vendors interested in participating in less than all 12 days of the Fair please complete the application below:

Map of the Day Booth Space Location (PDF)

Criteria for One Day Vendors

Please note, The Alaska State Fair has revised the criteria for applying to be a “One Day Vendor”. Vendors may apply for any amount of days, providing they fit the one or both criteria below.

  • Vendors must sell items that are Alaskan Made or Alaskan Grown
  • Sell items that correspond with the Theme of the Day. Currently only these days are available:
Thu, Aug 27 – Energy DayWed Sep 2 – Cosplay Day
Fri, Aug 28 – Kids’ DayThr, Sep 3 – MTA Day
Sat Aug 29 – Family DayFri, Sep 4 – UAA Day
Sun, Aug 30 – Wellness DaySat Sep 5 – Mining Day
Mon, Aug 31 – International DaySun, Sep 6 – Military Day
Tue Sep 1 – Possibility DayMon, Sep 7 – First Responders Day

One-Day Vendor Pricing

# of DaysRegular PriceDiscount handmade items
1$ 250.00 $ 200.00
2$ 500.00 $ 400.00
3$ 750.00 $ 600.00
4$ 800.00 $ 660.00
5$ 825.00 $ 707.50
6$ 850.00 $ 750.00
7$ 875.00 $ 787.50
8$ 900.00 $ 820.00
9$ 922.50 $ 900.00
10$ 1,025.00 $ 950.00
11$ 1,127.50 $ 990.00

(Not all themes have been confirmed and are subject to change.)
The spaces are outside, but covered by the Farm Building eves. The areas are level 10′ by 10′ and they are on concrete or firm dirt. Some booth spaces have a little additional space behind them. Electricity is available, if you need it and we provide one 8′ rectangular table and 2 chairs.

One-Day Vendor Application

2020 One-Day Online Vendor Application

2020 Printer Friendly One-Day Vendor Application

Vendor Handbook

2020 Vendor Handbook

View 2020 Handbook

Download 2020 Handbook

Make Your Booth Accessible To Everyone!

People with accessible needs represent a significant portion of the population and are equally reflective in the number of guests attending the Fair.

Vendors must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act so that there are no architectural or communications barriers that could restrict access of any individuals to products and services.

Always consider the full experience of your display from all perspectives, such as sitting, standing, or without sight or hearing. If your booth requires a ramp for access you may have to set your booth farther from the pavement or lower the booth to accommodate a functional ramp. It’s your responsibility to give clear instructions to anyone placing your booth in the leased space.

Holiday Bazaar Application

2020 Holiday Bazaar Application