Dear Prospective Vendor:

Thank you for your interest in being part of the 2024 Alaska State Fair.  The Fair dates will be August 16 – September 2. Please be sure to read these instructions thoroughly before filling out the application. 
Your name will be placed on the waiting list when your application is received.

Helpful Info

  • Supply the business name as you wish it to appear on a lease agreement and complies with your business licenses. 
  • The contact person will be responsible for the booth and will complete all paperwork and financial requirements.
  • Subleasing any portion of your space is strictly prohibited. 
  • Partnerships and Co-ops are acceptable if all parties are listed and approved by the Vendor Manager. 
  • Signage that is not directly related to your business is not allowed.  You may not add items without approval from Vendor Manager.

Important Info

The 2024 price structure has not been established at this time. 

The Fair will place you in the best location available.  You must provide your own structure for outdoor spaces; electricity is provided at most areas.


As we receive the required deposit and application you will be categorized according to what you wish to do at the Fair and/or products you intend to sell (example: clothing, household products, jewelry, novelties, crafts, etc.).  Since it is our intention to maintain a product balance for the fairgoers, new vendors are selected first with an eye towards originality of product or idea and then the order of receipt of the application.  You may include pictures or other information.

There is no deadline for new applications, however the sooner we receive your application – the better your chances. Returning vendor applications due by 9/30/23

New 2024 Non-Food Vendor Application


The Fair chooses replacements for vendors of the previous year who will not be returning or adds vendors if an expansion is decided upon.  The goal is to offer fairgoers a wide variety of good food at a reasonable price.  When reviewing applications, attention is focused on food service experience, simplicity of preparation, cost to the fairgoer, booth plans, and especially the menu.  Include those topics in a cover letter which will explain why your operation would be attractive to the fairgoer.  You may include pictures or other information.  There is no application fee. 

New applications due 12/31. Returning vendor application due 9/30/23

New 2024 Food Vendor Application

Daily Vendor Space

NO FOOD VENDORS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE DAILY PROGRAM. The daily vendor application will be available in March.

All spaces are approximately 10’ x 10’ and are covered overhead by the eaves of the Farm Building. All are on firm dirt or pavement.

Daily Vendor Application

If you have questions call or e-mail Rachel at [email protected] between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 

2024 Vendor Handbook

The 2024 Vendor Handbook is now available.

Make Your Booth Accessible To Everyone!

People with accessible needs represent a significant portion of the population and are equally reflective in the number of guests attending the Fair.

Vendors must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act so that there are no architectural or communications barriers that could restrict access of any individuals to products and services.

Always consider the full experience of your display from all perspectives, such as sitting, standing, or without sight or hearing. If your booth requires a ramp for access you may have to set your booth farther from the pavement or lower the booth to accommodate a functional ramp. It’s your responsibility to give clear instructions to anyone placing your booth in the leased space.

Returning Applications

2024 Non-Food Vendor Application

2024 Food Vendor Application