alaska state fair
2022 Fair Dates:
Fri, Aug 19 – Mon, Sep 5


QUESTION: Where is the Fair located?


The fairgrounds are located just an hour’s drive north of Anchorage at mile 40 on the Glenn Highway. Our address is 2075 Glenn Hwy. Palmer, Alaska 99645.

Once at the Fair there are four entrance gates. Three gates, the Purple, Red and Yellow, have parking areas. The fourth, the Green Gate, serves as a drop-off and pick-up zone, and as the depot for the Fair Train. Access is from the Inner Springer Road at the north end of the fairgrounds and no parking fee is required to access the entrance area to the Green Gate.

QUESTION: What are the dates of the 2021 Alaska State Fair?


This year’s Fair takes place August 20 through September 6.

QUESTION: What are the dates of the 2021 Alaska State Fair?


This year’s Fair takes place August 20 through September 6.

QUESTION: What are the hours of operation?


Hours: 11am – 10pm

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

QUESTION: Where can families take a rest?


Located in both the south end of Raven Hall and Wineck Barn, Family Rest Stops offer a quiet place to breastfeed, change diapers, or simply let the little ones play or rest away from the noise and activity of the Fair. Raven Hall Rest Stop is provided by Alaska Family Services.

QUESTION: What is the price of admission?


If you purchase admission by August 25 online or at Costco:

  • Monday & Thursday: $11 adults, $7 youth/senior
  • Friday – Sunday: $13 adults, $8 youth/senior

If you purchase admission after August 25:

  • Monday & Thursday: $13 adults, $9 youth/senior
  • Friday – Sunday: $15 adults, $10 youth/senior

Note: Adults are ages 13 – 64, Youth are 6 – 12, Senior are 65+.

QUESTION: Is Fair admission included in my Grandstand / Event / Concert ticket?


No, you will need to buy your admission ticket before you arrive or purchase at one of the four gates in order to get into the Fair for a concert or Grandstand event. More information on this topic is included in one of our previous blog posts.

Question: Does my 5 year old need a Concert Ticket?


Babes-in-arms are admitted for free to the concert; children aged 2 and up must have a concert ticket.

Question: Can I purchase concert tickets at the Fair?


During the Fair, concert tickets may also be purchased on the fairgrounds at the ConocoPhillips Borealis Box Office, adjacent to the ConocoPhillips Borealis Theatre

QUESTION: Are there discount admissions and carnival ride tickets available?


The discounts are best if you purchase before the Fair, but we still have a lot of opportunities to save once the Fair begins! You can save on admission by purchasing by August 25.  Admission tickets are available on our website (convenience fees apply). You can also purchase admission tickets on the fairgrounds. After August 25, admission tickets go up to full price. Carnival Ride tickets are distributed by Golden Wheel Amusements, not the Fair. To purchase carnival ride tickets please visit their website

There are several other ways to save and you can view them all on the Deals and Discounts page.

Question: if it’s raining will the concert still happen?


The ConocoPhillips Borealis Theatre is an open-air theatre; shows take place rain or shine.

Question: when do gates open for the concert?


Both entrance gates open approximately one hour prior to the show.

Question: Can I bring a camping chair to the concert?


Personal chairs, professional grade cameras, cameras with detachable lenses and recording devices are strictly prohibited in the ConocoPhillips Borealis Theatre.

Question: what is the difference between “Alcohol/Wet” and “Dry/Non-Alcohol” areas at the ConocoPhillips Borealis Theatre?


There are 2 entry gates to the theatre; a “wet” gate directly into the alcohol consumption areas and a “dry” gate accessible by all ages. If you enter through the “dry” gate, you may cross into the “wet” area once you’re inside the theatre. To access any area with alcohol consumption, including entering through the “wet” gate, you must be 21 or over and present a valid photo ID, or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and present a valid photo ID.

QUESTION: Are pets allowed on the fairgrounds?


No. Pets are NOT allowed on the fairgrounds. Service animals are permitted to assist disabled guests and are defined by the ADA as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Dogs that are not trained to perform tasks that mitigate the effect of disability, including dogs that are used for emotional support, are NOT service animals. For more information, please refer to

QUESTION: How do I get space for a concession or exhibit at the fair?


Visiting the vendor area on our website is a great place to start. You may also contact the Fair vendor and exhibits manager at 907-746-7159 or Please note that the deadline for food vendor applications for the 2021 Fair has already passed. Non-food vendor applications and the 2021 vendor handbook are available on the website.

QUESTION: Can I bring food and drink to the Fair? Are coolers allowed on grounds? Water bottles?


You can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to the Fair, as well as coolers. However, items are subject to inspection at the front gates.

QUESTION: What if my child and I are separated? Where can I find him or her?


Lost children are taken to the Security Building. This building is located on the Green Trail, southwest of the Borealis Theatre, next to the public restroom and the ATM.

QUESTION: Where are ATMs located?


There are nine ATM locations inside the fairgrounds:

  • Inside the Purple Gate on your left.
  • Inside the Yellow Gate on your left.
  • Inside the Red Gate on your right.
  • Inside the Green Gate, between the restrooms.
  • Between the Green and Red Trail, next to the Corral.
  • Located on the Green Trail between the restrooms and the Plaza Souvenir Booth.
  • On the green trail close to the public restroom and the security building.
  • Inside Raven Hall, on the left side of the back wall.
  • On the green trail inside the right of the entrance of Raven Hall.

ATMs, as well as other venues and points of interest, are clearly marked on the Fair map, available on the Fair website or in the daily schedule, which may be picked up at the kiosks inside the Fair walk-in gates.

QUESTION: Where are lost items claimed?


Lost items are claimed at the Security Building (#11 on the Fair map). This building is located on the Green Trail, southwest of the Borealis Theatre, next to the public restroom and the ATM. Please note that the Fair keeps all lost items for one month after the Fair. After that the unclaimed items are donated to charitable organizations.

The Emergency Services Building is also located on the Green Trail, southwest of the Borealis Theatre, between the ATM and the public restrooms.

All of these buildings are clearly marked on the Fair map, available on the Fair website or in the daily schedule, which may be picked up at the kiosks inside the Fair walk-in gates.

QUESTION: Where can I rent strollers or wheelchairs at the Fair?


You can bring your own strollers or wheelchairs to the Fair. You can also rent wheelchairs, electric scooter, wagons and strollers from the vendors below:

  • Alaska Mobility 907-244-3550 Renting: Wheel chairs, electric scooters
  • Kiddie Limo 907243-5500 or 907-310-6760 Renting: Strollers, wheel chairs, wagons

QUESTION: Where do I find a daily schedule of Fair events?


To find out what’s going on each day of the Fair, pick up a daily schedule at the kiosks located just inside the Fair walk-in gates. In addition to event information, these schedules include a map of the fairgrounds showing the location of event venues as well as ATMs, restrooms, designated smoking areas, security and first aid areas.

On the web? “Like” us on Facebook to get the latest updates and find all the daily schedule under our “Notes” page or visit our website.

Got a smartphone? Get the daily schedule on your phone by downloading a QR Code Reader and then scanning the code displayed at the schedule kiosks just inside the Purple, Yellow and Red Gates. This interactive mobile guide features the Fair daily schedule, with detailed event listings, as well as concert info, an interactive map, food guide, rides guide, venue descriptions and more!

QUESTION: Where can I find contest results and when are they posted?


Results are usually posted on our website within 48 hours of judging.

QUESTION: How do I enter an exhibit?


Find out everything you need to know about entering an exhibit in the 2021 Exhibitor Guide. Or learn more by reading our previous blog post.

QUESTION: Is the Fair private property?



QUESTION: Where can I find information about hotels near the fairgrounds?


The following organizations are the best resources for visitor information and services near the Fair:

QUESTION: Where is handicapped-accessible parking available during the Fair?


Handicapped-accessible parking is available at the Red, Yellow and Purple Lots, which offer the closest entrance to the fairgrounds. See the Fair Map on our website for more information.

QUESTION: Is there internet at the Fair?


Free WiFi is available on site in Raven Hall, provided by MTA, and the UPS Store.

QUESTION: Where are the pay phones located at the Fair?


There are two pay phones on the fairgrounds for your convenience; one is located in Raven Hall and the other at the Green Gate. For more information, view the map on our website.

QUESTION: If I need assistance, where can I find security?


We have 24-hour security and EMTs on the fairgrounds. Security personnel patrol the grounds and can also be found in the Security Building (#6 on the Fair map), located southwest of the Borealis Theatre on the Green Trail. For more information, view the map on our website.

QUESTION: How do I enter the parade?


The Alaska State Fair Parade in downtown Palmer is August 21, 2021 • 11:00 am. Parade float entry applications and parade rules are available on the City of Palmer’s website. Complete the application here=> 2021 Alaska State Fair Parade Application

QUESTION: Why do I have to pay a convenience fee when I buy my tickets online?


Convenience fees are charged by online ticket box offices like Ticketmaster, StubHub, eTix, etc. Convenience fees are standard in the industry. That’s how online ticket box offices earn revenue to operate and offer their services. It’s important to note that the Fair is not charging this fee as a source of revenue; we only receive a small percentage to cover the credit card fees charged by financial institutions.

QUESTION: How can I avoid convenience fees altogether?


Prior to August you can purchase concert and event tickets by phone or in person at our main office with no fees.

Prior to the Fair during August 5 – August 19 you can purchase tickets at the Pass Office on the Fairgrounds by phone 907.746.7178 or in person with no convenience fees.

During the Fair you can purchase concert tickets at the ConocoPhillips Borealis Box Office on the fairgrounds with no convenience fees.

During the Fair you can purchase Grandstand event tickets at the Grandstand Box Office on the fairgrounds with no convenience fees.

QUESTION: Can I get refund on my concert or fair admission tickets?


Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges, as is declared on the bottom of every ticket issued.

QUESTION: Are there camping sites available during Fairtime?


Yes. There are spots available for RV and tent camping at the fairgrounds.

Prices are:

  • Daily Car/Truck: $5
  • Season Car/Truck: $25
  • Daily Camping R.V.* $15
  • Season R.V.* $75
  • Daily Tent: $5
  • Season Tent $30
  • Daily Premier: $25
  • Season Premier: $125

* $10 daily and $50 season additional fee for tow behind car or trailer.

Please note that the camping area does not offer electricity, water or a dump station, and BBQs, open fires and pets are not allowed.

Pass Office number is 907.746.7178

QUESTION: What items should I NOT bring to the Fair?


We ask that you not bring the following items on to Fair property:

  • Firearms, knives or weapons of any kind
  • Animals (except for service dogs)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Bicycles, scooters, roller blades, roller skates or skateboards
  • Solicitation materials (and please refrain from soliciting or you will be removed from the Fair grounds)

We also ask that you please refrain from smoking; including e-cigarettes, except in designated areas.

QUESTION: I need to pick my tickets up at will call. Where is will call?


You can pick up all will call admission and concert tickets at the Green Gate, which is located outside of the Fair gates. Concert tickets may also be picked up at the Kendall Toyota Borealis Box Office, located inside the Fair gates.

Green Gate:

To access the Green Gate, turn in by the Purple Gate (gate closest to Palmer) and follow the road paralleling the fairgrounds to the Green Gate. There is a small area to park in for a max of 30 minutes while you pick up your tickets. After you get your tickets, you may continue on to park in the Red Parking Lot or turn and go back onto the Glenn Highway.

Borealis Box Office:

You’ll find the Kendall Toyota Borealis Box Office on the Green Trail, in front of the Borealis Theatre.

For more information, view the map on our website.

QUESTION: I don’t want to drive to the Fair.  Are there other transportation options to the fairgrounds?


Fairgoers who don’t want to drive can choose to ride the Valley Mover Bus to the fairgrounds. The Fair train will not be available in 2021. Comments or questions can be directed to Alaska Railroad and can be contacted on their website

QUESTION: I have accessibility questions. Who can I contact?


The Fair is committed to increasing accessibility at the fairgrounds, and we work closely with Access Alaska. Questions may be directed to:

  • Pamella Meekin, Fair Vendor and Exhibits Manager, 907-746-7159 or
  • David Barton, ADA Partners Project Coordinator, 907-248-4777 ext. 206 or

We also invite you to read more about our accessibility improvement projects on our blog.

QUESTION: Are service dogs allowed on the Fairground?


All of us at the Fair LOVE animals but the fairgrounds are no place for pets. The Alaska State Fair is committed to the use of service animals by our guests with disabilities.The ADA states, “Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” SERVICE animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as SERVICE animals under the ADA. SERVICE animals play an important role in ensuring the independence of people with disabilities, and it is the Fair’s policy to welcome any animal that is individually trained to assist a person with a disability. For everyone’s safety we ask that you leave your pets at home that includes comfort animals (Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), and Therapy Dogs). PETS are NOT ALLOWED since they do not receive special training and do not perform a specific task to help disabled owners. Crowds are not a good place for pets.Please be sensitive to our guests with SERVICE animals. Visitors found to have fake service animals will be asked to leave the fairgrounds.Please read more about SERVICE Dogs and what is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) here: or