RV and Tent Camping

General RV & Tent Regulations

  • If you enter the RV Campground after hours, you may purchase your RV, tent, & vehicle permit from RV Parking & Tent Sellers the next morning.
  • Campground hosts will routinely monitor the lots several times a day and issue citations to those who do not have proper permits. The lots will be checked several times daily to see if your permit is current. Your daily payment allows you to stay until 9:00 am the following morning. If permit is not visible or current, your vehicle/tent may be towed or removed.
  • Please pick up your trash and place in the provided trash containers. Trash left behind hinders other’s enjoyment of the area.
  • The parking lot and RV lot are dangerous places for kids to play. Please restrict children’s activities in the lot.
  • Outdoor cooking and campfires are not allowed. Any patron burning a fire will be asked to leave the property and no refund will be given.
  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. No loud partying or music which is disturbing to your neighbors.
  • Pets are not permitted inside the Fairgrounds.
  • Please abide by Campground Hosts requests.

Tent Permits

Tent Lot Guidelines

  • Tent permit must be visible to avoid being evicted.
  • All vehicles in Tent Parking Area must have proper Parking Permit.
  • Registrant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to register for a tent site.
  • Registered Tent Site holders are responsible for the actions of others at their tent site.
  • Each tent site is 10’ X 10’ Only one (1) tent per site.
  • Grouping tents together is NOT Permitted.
  • Generators and pets are not permitted inside the Tent Camping Area.
TypeDailySeasonHow to Buy
Tent$5$30Pass Office Only
Available August 1
Tent Permits are available for purchase at the Pass Office starting August 1

New this year
Buy your RV Permit Online

Limited quantity available for advance purchase. During Fairtime all other parking permits are only available at the Pass Office.

RV Lot Guidelines

  • Only One(1) vehicle with proper RV Vehicle Parking Permit, allowed in each 16X60 ft space.
  • A 16 foot wide bay space is allowed. Allow 4 feet between you and your neighbor. Only extend awnings 4 feet.
  • Generators are only allowed between 7am to 11 pm. If there is a medical necessity to operate a generator during quiet time, those RV’s are to be parked in the Accessible area.
  • Do not tether your pet(s) outside your vehicle when you are away from your RV. All pets must be on a leash. Unattended pets found tied outside will be removed by the proper authorities. All animal waste must be picked up immediately.
RV Daily
(One Day)
RV Weekly
(One Week = Wed – Tue)
RV Season
(Aug 19 – Sep 5)
RV Permits are available for purchase at the Pass Office starting August 1

Parking Permits

General Car/Truck Parking Permits can be purchased at the Main Office through the first week in August. All other parking permits are only available at the Pass Office starting August 1.

TypeDailySeasonHow to Buy
Car$5$25Available Online
Truck$5$25Available Online
Premier$25$125Pass Office Only
Available August 1
General Car, General Truck and Premier Permits are available for purchase at the Pass Office starting August 1