Fiber Division Champions – 2021

Division 01: Loom Woven – ClothingSusan WhitonWillow, AK
Division 02: Loom Woven – YardageSarah RobicheauxAnchorage, AK
Division 03: Loom Woven – Household ItemsJulie CarterAnchorage, AK
Division 04: Loom Woven – RugCarl JohnsonWasilla, AK
Division 05: Loom Woven – TapestryAmy DurgelohPalmer, AK
Division 06: Loom Woven – Triangle LoomsSusan WhitonWillow, AK
Division 07: Non-Traditional Woven – Clothing or HouseholdPam CliftonAnchorage, AK
Division 08: Bobbin LaceNo Winner
Division 09: Personal Carded Fibers, Rovings, and Batts (Open)Lynx MullenPalmer, AK
Division 09: Personal Carded Fibers, Rovings, and Batts (Junior)Dylan CaviraWasilla, AK
Division 10: Hand Prepared Fibers – WheelNo Winner
Division 11: Hand Prepared Fibers – SpindleNo Winner
Division 12: Commercially Prepared Fibers – SpindleLibby SeniorPalmer, AK
Division 13: Commercially Prepared Fibers – SpindleNo Winner
Division 14: Handspun Designer Novelty Skeins – WheelLynx MullenPalmer, AK
Division 15: Handspun Skeins – Designer, Novelty (Spindle)No Winner
Division 16: Dyeing – Handspun or Commercial Yarn or Fiber –
Natural Dyes
No Winner
Division 17: Dyeing: Handspun or Commercial Fibers – Synthetic DyesSusan WhitonWillow, AK
Division 18: Finished Products from Hand DyeingNo Winner
Division 19: Hand Knitted Products Using Handspun FiberJeanie FarleyAnchorage, AK
Division 20: Machine Knitted Products Using HandspunNo Winner
Division 21: Woven Products Using HandspunNo Winner
Division 22: Products Using Handspun – Woven/Combo Commercial/
Hand Spun
Laurie Sitkiewitz Anchorage, AK
Division 23: Products Using Handspun – Knitted/Combo Commercial/
Hand Spun
No Winner
Division 24: Products Using Handspun Fiber – Other TechniquesJulie CarterAnchorage, AK
Division 25: Felted – Raw Fibers (Open)Judy CadraHouston, AK
Division 25: Felted – Raw Fibers (Junior)Tucker HoymanPalmer, AK
Division 26: Felted – Knitted or CrochetLinda SalterEagle River, AK
Division 27: Felted-Hand Spun Woven FabricsNo Winner
Division 28: Felted-Machine KnittedNo Winner
Division 29: Needle Felted (Open)Joanna PereaWasilla, AK
Division 29: Needle Felted (Junior)Logan CarterEagle River, AK
Division 30: Transformation of Cloth – Surface Design/EmbellishedRuth SimpsonWasilla, AK
Division 31: Paper MakingNo Winner
Division 32: Mixed Media, Multiple Fibers used in a Finished PieceRuth SimpsonWasilla, AK
Division 33: Handmade Spinning and Weaving Tools for Fiber & FleeceEmily Gelino-BequetteWasilla, AK
Division 34: Collections – SpinningNo Winner
Division 35: Collections – DyeingAmanda JohnsonWasilla, AK
Division 36: Collections – FeltedBrenda JensenWasilla, AK
Division 37: Woven CollectionsDawn SloanPalmer, AK

Author: Lara Stanley

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