alaska state fair
August 22 - September 2, 2019

Fiber & Fleece Division Champions

Fiber & Fleece Division Champions (desktop & print friendly version)

Division 01: Loom Woven – Clothing Farrah Weinert Anchorage, AK
Division 02: Loom Woven – Yardage Bonnie Tisler Anchorage, AK
Division 03: Loom Woven – Household Items Jean Bartos Ketchikan, AK
Division 04: Loom Woven – Rug Michael Bagenski Anchorage, AK
Division 05: Loom Woven – Tapestry Sherry Rogers Eagle River, AK
Division 06: Loom Woven – Triangle Looms Jenness Ellett Sutton, AK
Division 07: Non-Traditional Woven – Clothing or Household Margorie McClaren Anchorage, AK
Division 09: Personal Carded Fibers, Rovings, and Batts Tracey Eason Palmer, AK
Division 10: Hand Prepared Fibers – Wheel Helen Carroll Sutton, AK
 Division 11: Hand Prepared Fibers – Spindle  Nicole Putnam  Anchorage, AK
 Division 12: Commercially Prepared Fibers – Wheel  Laurie Sitkiewicz  Anchorage, AK
 Division 13: Commercially Prepared Fibers – Spindle  Heather Brooks  Anchorage, AK
 Division 14: Handspun Designer Novelty Skeins – Wheel  Laurie Sitkiewicz  Anchorage, AK
 Division 17: Dyeing: Handspun or Commercial Fibers – Synthetic Dyes  Carol Johnson  Wasilla, AK
 Division 18: Finished Products from Hand Dyeing  Linda Salter  Eagle River, AK
 Division 19: Hand Knitted Products Using Handspun Fiber  Mindy Alvord  Anchorage, AK
 Division 20: Machine Knitted Products Using Handspun  Helen Carroll  Sutton, AK
 Division 21: Woven Products Using Handspun  Laurie Sitkiewicz  
 Division 22: Woven Products Using Combo Commercial & Handspun  Farrah Weinert  Anchorage, AK
 Division 25: Felted – Raw Fibers  Juliet Bartolo  Wasilla, AK
 Division 26: Felted – Knitted or Crochet Cora Carleson  Wasilla, AK
 Division 29: Needle Felted  Juliet Bartolo  Wasilla, AK
 Division 30: Transformation of Cloth – Surface Design/Embellished  Ruth Simpson  Wasilla, AK
 Division 33: Handmade Spinning & Weaving Tools  Susan Whiton  Willow, AK
 Division 34: Collections – Spinning  Susan Whiton  Willow, AK
 Division 35: Collections – Dyeing  Sarah Henry  Wasilla, AK
 Division 40: Fleeces – Wool, Colored  Michelle Olsen  Palmer, AK