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Last Frontier Dutch Oven Cook-off

  • August 31, 201910:00 am
    Events Tent

Enjoy Black Pot cooking with charcoal all day long as Adult, Amateur, Youth, and Mini teams compete. Three categories include: Main Dish, Bread, and Dessert. Stop by and sample or sign-up online to participate in this fiery event.

Tastings around 12:00, 4:00, 4:45 & 5:30pm

Entry fees:

Minis 2-Pot Division (6-11 pre-approval) $ 20.00
Youth 2-Pot Division (12-17) $ 20.00
Adult 3-Pot Division (18+) $ 30.00
Amateur Adult 2-Pot Division $ 20.00
1 year IDOS Membership $ 25.00

Author: Sara Post

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