alaska state fair
see you next year! we hope you enjoyed the 2019 alaska state fair!

Flowers Sponsored Awards 2nd Entry – 2019


BEST OF SHOW Andy Anderson Anchorage, AK 
SUPERINTENDENT’S AWARD Anna Breuninger Anchorage, AK 


Sponsored Award: Valley Garden Club (Pat Newcomb Award) 


Lois Rockcastle Eagle River, AK 
Alpine Nursery (Most Unusual Perennial, 2nd Entry) Donna Dewhurst Anchorage, AK
Bushes Bunches Gardens (Div 3 – 2nd Entry) Nancy Grant Anchorage, AK
Colony Greenhouse (Div 14 Junior Champ – 2nd Entry) James Simono Palmer, AK
Colony Greenhouse (Div 15 Junior Champ – 2nd Entry) Hannah Klebesadel Chugiak, AK
Fresh Starts (Div 12 – 2nd Entry) Rachel Udani-Cadelina Wasilla, AK
HeartReach Center (Div 09 – 2nd Entry) Rob Wells Palmer, AK
Julia Milam Award (Super Succulent – 2nd Entry) Jasmine Moyer Willow, AK
Mary Ann Boyd Award (Bouquet for Grandma Contest – 2nd Entry) Luke “Shiloh” Schulman Anchorage, AK
Mat Su Master Gardeners (Div 05, Champion – 2nd Entry) Andy Anderson Anchorage, AK
Mat Su Master Gardeners (Div 13, Class 4, Outstanding Entry–2nd Entry) Felicia Dock Wasilla, AK
Pat Tremaine Award (Div 6 – 2nd Entry) Lois Rockcastle Eagle River, AK

Dawn Bishop-Kleweno Award  (Div 8 Champion)

Leanne Ronsse

Anchorage, AK

Wildflower Garden Club (Div 1 Champion) Felicia Dock Wasilla, AK 
Mat Su Master Gardeners (Div 10 – Collections Champion) Serena Debose Palmer, AK