What We Have to Offer

Maximum Exposure

The Alaska State Fair offers companies and organizations a valuable opportunity to gain substantial exposure to a cross-section of Alaskans. The Fair provides you with an ideal venue and audience of more than 300,000 fairgoers who you can share your organizations philosophy, product and customer service. It is a place to Brand your company. The Fair gives you the ability to reach an entire family of buyers in a fun environment.

The Alaska State Fair is the largest community event in the state making it the largest event in which you can show your support to the community. It offers a unique opportunity to promote the lifestyle of Alaskans. There is no other event in which you can touch so many people in one location in 12 days. And don’t forget about the promotion of the Fair through the Fair Preview Guide, Fair Program and press releases.

Fairgoers are loyal to those they feel are giving back to the community. They indicate they are more likely to purchase sponsors’ products year round.

You’re in the Spotlight

Over 500 businesses participate as commercial vendors at the Fair, but only sponsors receive signage rights and the opportunity to have business logos and recognition in Fair marketing materials.

Personal Contact

Sponsorship is an investment and has become an important part of the marketing mix for many organizations. Sponsorship has unique qualities, allowing a sponsor to directly interact with and be in front of a target market. When a sponsor is associated with a positive organization, such as the Fair, these interactions can lead to an increase in brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Smart marketers are learning that to make an impact, a business needs to make a personal contact with the people they want to influence. You have that opportunity at the Fair, especially if you sponsor a day!

Advertising Opportunities

Depending on your sponsorship, you have the opportunity to be in print media and radio. There was over $400,000 in media coverage for the 2013 State Fair. Borealis Concert sponsorship gets your name on radio ads for the concert, on the electronic sign beginning in May/June, on the website in May, and on the tickets purchased online. Grandstand event sponsorship gets your name on all the posters, on the website, on the tickets, and anywhere the event is mentioned.


We also offer opportunities for your business or organization to get admission and parking passes, event tickets, VIP Hospitality Lounge passes and more for you to give to employees and clients to show them your appreciation. The Fair is a great place for you to thank your employees, clients and to bring potential clients to show them a great time.


The Fair has been a big part of the community for over 75 years. Full of tradition and goodwill, the Alaska State Fair gives sponsors the opportunity to join with an organization that is credible and will contribute to your good reputation. I would be happy to discuss your goals and mission to find the perfect sponsorship for you organization.

We want to work with you to establish objectives for your sponsorship to capitalize on the draw and reputation of the Fair. By establishing your goals early on, we can better help you leverage your sponsorship so that those goals can be met.

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