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Livestock Auction New Record

The 4-H Junior Market Livestock Auction at the Alaska State Fair raised a record amount this year! The 2016 auction, which took place September 3 in Farm Exhibits on the fairgrounds, brought in $214,312.50, setting a new record for the 41-year-old event.Livestock Show

The new record was set even with 16 fewer bidders (142 this year compared to 158 last year), and 17 fewer youth participants (81 this year compared to 98 last year).

The total included $153,768.50 in animal sales and $60,544 in “add on” donations, which are directed to a specific student after the high bid is announced or at the end of the auction.

This year’s auction featured beef, young beef, turkey, lambs, swine, geese, chickens, rabbit and pheasants raised by the youth 4-H participants. The grand champion sheep was sold for $20 a pound, the grand champion swine and goat both brought in $17 a pound, and the grand champion turkey went for $1,000.

The 4-H youth, many of whom raised their animals from birth, receive the majority of the proceeds, which they often pour back into raising an animal for the next year’s auction. 4-H receives a small portion of the funds to support the program.

Author: Rachel Grenier

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