Raven’s People Attractions

Senior Native LadyKTVA Raven’s People

Celebrating Alaska’s Native Cultures

Once again, the Alaska State Fair will host the Raven’s People program to share and celebrate Alaska’s Native cultures with fairgoers through performances, crafts and film.

Experience the strength and agility of some of Alaska’s best athletes at the Native Youth Olympics demonstrations, including the ever-popular blanket toss. Marvel at the talent and meet the artists at the Alaska Native arts and crafts program, with Native artists exhibiting daily.

Glimpse the richness, humor and history of Alaska’s Native peoples through performances of the highly acclaimed Raven’s Radio Hour as well as several traditional and contemporary Alaska Native dance groups. Featured dance groups this year include the Barrow Traditional Dancers, Inupiat Eskimo drummers and dancers from Alaska’s farthest north city, as well as the Hooper Bay Traditional Dancers, Yup’ik performers from southwest Alaska who have earned the distinction as one of Alaska’s oldest and most popular dance groups.

Whether you can spend an hour or an entire day, we invite you to enjoy the diversity of Alaska’s Native cultures through our Raven’s People program.

Qajaq Ilulissat by Jennifer Owen

World-Class Sea Paddler Maligiaq Padilla

Raven’s People  Stage

Saturday, August 31 • 2 PM

Sunday, September 2 • 2 PM

One of the world’s top sea kayak paddlers – not to mention teacher and builder – is coming to the Fair! Nine-time national champion Maligiaq Padilla will share his stories and expertise.

Alaska Native Fashion Gala

Alyeska Pipeline Colony Stage

Sunday, September 1 • 1 PM

As part of our mission to bring Alaskans together in the spirit of good will and sharing, the Alaska State Fair will host this unique fashion show. It will provide an opportunity to display the art, innovation and craftsmanship of both traditional and contemporary Alaska Native clothing.


Jack Dalton Raven’s Radio Hour

Raven’s People Stage

Saturday, August 31 • 5 PM

Alyeska Pipeline Colony Stage

Sunday, September 1 • 5 PM

Raven’s Radio Hour merges 40’s-style radio variety with the vast diversity of Alaska’s Native cultures. This heart-warmingly funny show features timeless stories, traditional songs…and jokes that may make you blow moose milk through your nose!

Kodiak Island DrummersKodiak Island Drummers

Alyeska Pipeline Colony Stage

Sunday, September 1 • 3 PM

Raven’s People Stage

Saturday & Sunday, August 31 & September 1 • 7 PM

Monday, September 2 • 5 PM

Feel the beat of the island — Kodiak Island, that is. These youthful high-energy percussionists will sweep you along on a tide of rhythms, blending traditional sounds with Afro and Latin funk.

Alaska Native performers at the Alaska State Fair, Palmer, AlaskaWorld Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) Demo & Blanket Toss

Raven’s People Area

Thursday – Sunday, August 22 – August 25  • 6 PM

This event started in 1961, and offers visitors a glimpse into Alaska Native heritage and tradition. Witness demonstrations of skill, endurance, balance and agility, learn the stories behind the games, and participate in the high-flying excitement of an authentic blanket toss.

Jack-New-Publicity_WEBJack Dalton

Raven’s People Stage

Monday – Friday, August 26 – August 30  • 4 & 6 PM

Saturday & Monday, August 31 & September 2 • 1 & 3 PM

Rooted in Naparyarmiut (Hooper Bay), born in Bethel and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Jack Dalton has grown up as an ambassador between two worlds, his Yup’ik Inuit and European heritages. A professional storyteller, actor, writer and teacher, Jack has been honored by the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education as a Distinguished Dignitary.