Beard Contest

Wanna see how your beard holds up to others? Enter to win and you could go home Mr. Sourdough

  • Sat Sep 022:00pm
    SBS Woodlot

This event is expired.

There’s gold in that-there beard! Division champs & the overall winner, aka Mr. Sourdough, will take home cash, prizes and bragging rights.  Can I touch your beard please?  Sign ups at 1:30pm in the Woodlot.  Contest begins at 2pm!


Urban Alaskan: For those who like their facial hair, but like it neat, trimmed and groomed. This can include: beard, goatee, chin curtain, side bars, etc (with or without moustache). Because it is trimmed, the design should fit the face it’s worn on

Soup Strainer: For those with a Moustache only. Moustache can be long, short, waxed, curled, etc. These men may or may not like shaving, but they would not shave this Man Accessory off.

Colonist: This category honors the rugged and hard working Colonists who came to Alaska in 1935. They did not have time to play around with shaving, there was farming that had to be done!

Homesteader: For those with a full beard, with our without a moustache. This category is for Alaskan’s who love a full beard. Some may be long, some may be shorter.

Mr. Sourdough:

Open to the winners of the four previous categories. This title and grand prize is awarded to the man with the greatest Facial Hair in the Last Frontier.


Author: Sara Post

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