Royal tradition returns: Alaska State Fair Queen

The very first Alaska State Fair in 1936 featured the crowning of the Fair Queen – and we’re bringing back this royal tradition with a modern twist at the 2018 Fair!

Join us at the coronation event on Thursday, August 23, at 7 p.m. on the Colony Stage, where we’ll crown the queen and select other members of the Fair royal court, including two princesses and a cultural ambassador. Fairgoers also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidate to be honored with the People’s Choice Award!

Eight young Alaskan women are vying for the Fair Queen title this year. Meet this year’s candidates:

Bianca Temple:

“Since 1936 the Alaska State Fair has become the highlight of every year. Becoming the Alaska State Fair Queen would not only recreate history, but it would be an amazing opportunity to represent a staple of Alaskan tradition. My compassion, ambition and outgoing personality would allow me to share these experiences and fulfill any duties put in front of me.”

Briana Thibodeaux:

“I have lived in Alaska for 11 years. I grew up in a military family, which has enhanced my ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. I enjoy the Alaska State Fair and I am involved in my community, especially with Anchorage youth.”

D’ nayla Alston:

“With my emotional intelligence, community involvement, and love for all things Alaska, I can show our community the best of our fair and what it’s like to make memories here. I want to represent our state fair by sharing the amazing opportunities and traditions to everyone in our wonderful state. I wish to fulfill this opportunity and go beyond expectations.”

Emilee Bartman:

“I believe I would make a wonderful Alaska State Fair Queen and Cultural Ambassador. I love Alaska with my whole soul. I want my son to see the beauty in Alaska and its people as I do. I enjoy speaking with people about many things, but Alaska is always a type on heart and head.”

Hannah Noble:

“I am Alaska, I am proud of our state, I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We aren’t all cookie cutter. I embrace all the beauty around me. I’m bilingual in Yupik, I love Alaska and all it offers.”

Samantha Wanner:

“I should be the next Alaska State Fair Queen because I would love the ability to represent this beautiful state. Alaska is my home, and I am so proud to be a part of these communities here. Being the Alaska State Fair Queen would give myself the platform to strengthen my outreach into continuing to make our home state so great. This opportunity to serve Alaska and be a good-will ambassador is something I have always wanted to pursue.”

Storm Young:

“With my love for pageantry and community involvement, I could show our state what the fair has to offer. I would invite others to take part in not only the fair, but also next year’s pageant. Also, I loved the West Virginia State fair in my home state, it was always my favorite part of the summer. I made so many great memories there and meet so many amazing people. Now, that I am here in my new home state that is on the other side of the US. I want to continue to spread the laugher and memories that will last a life-time.”

Tala Ianu:

“No other event symbolizes our great state and who we are as Alaskans quite like the Alaska State Fair. I recognize that as Alaska State Fair Queen I will serve as ambassador to all Alaskans and to the world at large. I am committed to serving at the highest level as State Fair Queen; welcoming all groups, families, and individuals to join us in this annual celebration of who we are as Alaskans.”

The winners will be selected by a panel of five judges, who will score the candidates on appearance, communication, community involvement, resume, Fair costume and introduction, and a “My Fair Memory” presentation.

Interviews, which are closed to the public, take place on August 19. The August 23 coronation event, which is open to the public, will include the candidates’ costume, introduction and Fair memory presentation, as well as the crowning of the royal court and announcement of the People’s Choice recipient.

In addition to the Fair Queen and two princesses, judges will also name a cultural ambassador, who is of Alaska Native descent. The queen and members of the royal court will represent the Fair and share the Fair experience with Alaskans and visitors at events throughout the year.

Learn more about the Fair Queen contest and vote for your favorite candidate on our website!

Author: Betty Shadura

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