Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off Limerick Contest – 2022

First Place – $75
Craig Schultz
Palmer, AK

There once was a cabbage named Bruce.
He entered the fair on a ruse.
He garnered first prize
And too late realized,
He was fodder for a bear and a moose.

Second Place – $50
Linda Salter
Eagle River, AK

The cold rain keeps pouring right down
Water fills every garden in town!
In the car I race
With my cabbage to place
At the fair big veggies are renown.

Third Place – $25
Rebekah Kitchin
Palmer, AK

The heftiest cabbage to sprout,
Was grown in a year of no drought.
Had to transport by air
All the way to the fair;
If it falls, it will make a big kraut!

Author: Lara Stanley

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