Rebarchek Mentored Potato Plots

Rebarchek Mentored Potato Plots: Guided Introduction to potato gardening

June 8th, 10:00am. $50 registration fee. Registration
limited to 15.

Click here to Register for Saturday, June 8th or register below.

Jeff Smeenk (Director, Palmer Soil and Water Conservation District) will mentor each program registrant in successful potato gardening.
Registrants will learn about the characteristics of various potato varieties and plant the type(s) they desire (seed potatoes provided).
Registrants will manage and care for their plots during the growing season with instructional hands-on gardening sessions provided by Jeff at important stages of plant care and growth. Each registrant will have a designated 10’ x 10’ plot that will yield an anticipated 40+pounds of potatoes at harvest.

Directions: The Rebarchek Agricultural Park is located adjacent to the Fairgrounds. Turn into the red parking lot (entrance with the flashing electronic sign) and follow the signs with event arrows.

Rebarchek Map

Author: Melissa Keefe

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