Katie Sevigny Returns as Fair Artist

Artwork brings Fair’s theme, “Better Together,” to life

2017 Fair posterKatie Sevigny returns this year for her fourth year as the featured artist for the Alaska State Fair. She continues to accept the invitation for several reasons, including her competitive drive to create pieces that she is proud of and that are successful for the Fair.

“I love the challenge of creating pieces that will resonate with fairgoers and make the Fair successful. I want the Fair to do well,” she shares.

There’s also the draw of being associated with one of Alaska’s largest and most beloved events.

“It’s such a historic event, and being part of that is huge,” says Katie, whose past work for the Fair included the commemorative 75th anniversary poster. “That was a very special thing to be part of.”

The long-time Alaska artist created three pieces for the 2017 Fair, including the Fair logo, which features two kids competing together in a three-legged race.

“The theme of this year’s Fair is ‘Better Together,’ so I thought, ‘What is something at the Fair that is better together?’ I think this is a really neat way to show the theme of the Fair,” Katie explains.

Katie also created the artwork that will be featured on the 2017 Fair poster. The piece depicts two young fairgoers riding their blue ribbon-winning cow across a field of flowers, with the Fair carnival in the background, Pioneer Peak on the skyline and the 2017 theme “Better Together” written in the sky.

“I thought about this piece like it was a story. The kids won first place, now they are riding their cow home, eating their Fair food against a beautiful backdrop. It’s like a page of a children’s book,” Katie says.

The other artwork Katie created for the 2017 Fair showed the silhouettes of four teenagers watching fireworks exploding in the sky above the carnival.

“That one was super fun,” Katie says. “It’s going to reach a new generation, and promote and attract a younger audience.”

Likely driven by the same competitive spirit that keeps drawing her back as the Fair artist, Katie’s career continues to flourish. In addition to her art gallery, Sevigny Studio in downtown Anchorage, Katie recently opened 7E Studio, a unique fashion boutique in South Anchorage showcasing Alaska artists, locally made furniture and women’s clothing, including her own brand, A Day in AK. On top of her art career, Katie is the mother of three boys.

“It’s a full life,” she says.

Pick up your 2017 Fair poster at one of the Fair souvenir booths! See the Fair map for details.

Author: Rachel Grenier

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