2023 Commemorative Artists

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Poster & Logo Artwork – “Beyond the Mountains”

Being born and raised in Palmer, I have loved seeing the state fair posters come and go as the years go by. It has been my dream to create an Alaska State Fair poster that all Alaskans can see themselves in. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes and art nouveau style, I wanted to include indigenous joy by highlighting Yupik and Alaska Native heritage in the 2023 poster and logo. I had the pleasure to collaborate with indigenous artist Courtney Tatellgaq Rose Griechen. Courtney designed the sun in the logo as a Sugpiaq style Giinaruaq (mask) representing her heritage. The suns rays are displayed as feathers to symbolize the influence and powerful reach the sun has in everything.

In the poster you will find a Yupik woman and child, they are playfully riding a moose wearing dancing nasqerrun headdress (inspired by the craftsmanship of Agnes Shales), qaspeq (kuspuk) and mukluks. With this opportunity to create the 2023 Alaska State Fair poster, I want to pay respects to the original stewards of our beautiful state and including significant imagery from all over Alaska. From farmers, fisherman, adventurers, and Alaskan Natives, I feel like all of us can enjoy and see ourselves in this years artwork.

To me these art pieces encapsulate the feeling of beyond the mountains and what makes us Alaskans.

— Lindra Paradise

2023 Theme Logo


Lindra Paradise

Lindra was born and raised in Palmer. She is the owner and operator of Originaldoodle Body Art. Spending the past 11 years traveling around our beautiful state, face painting. You can find her vending Alaska’s festivals in the summer and driving in her van the west coast and Mexico in the winter.

You can find out more about Lindra on her instagram @practicalparadise

Her art, booch bus kombucha and body painting at

Or this year, at her Alaska State Fair booth: Paradise Eco Studio located on the green trail.

Courtney Tatellgaq Rose Griechen

Courtney Tatellgaq Rose Griechen is a mixed Sugpiaq and Yupik multidisciplinary artist from Pilot Point, Alaska, currently living and working in Anchorage, AK. Courtney focuses on whimsical illustration, animation, oil painting and beading, with her work heavily inspired by Bristol Bay and the stories from her culture. Courtney is also the frontman of the band, Murmur, so you’ll often see her at arts or music events around the state.

You can see more of Courtney’s work on Instagram at Courtney_rose_art or on her Etsy at