2022 Commemorative Poster Artist

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Poster Artwork – “Experience the Wonder”

I love fantasy and creature illustration, so centering the poster around the gardens sounded like an exciting challenge. My inspiration came from imagining what type of life we’d find if we pushed the flower beds apart and peeked inside. The natural beauty and goodness of the Alaska State Fair helped me find the tone and tie it all together. It can be easy to miss the small details, so by shrinking the world view to a garden bed, I could highlight some of the more overlooked trinkets and draw them alongside our flowers, fresh berries, mushrooms, jams, lush green foliage, and everything else that embodies our incredible summers in Alaska. In the poster you’ll find elements of the natural wonder of the fair and our beautiful state with a whimsical twist. I chose to use energetic and vibrant colors to symbolize the lively spirit that the state fair brings year after year. 

I have enjoyed drawing since early childhood and have always admired children’s book illustrations which have inspired my love for art today. I’ve been working in early childhood education for the past ten years and my illustrations have come in handy many times. Currently, I’m a Family Partnership Coordinator with CCS Early Learning in Palmer and feel blessed to work alongside other non-profits that support this community. I’m beyond grateful for the Alaska State Fair for supporting local artists and giving me the opportunity to create the 2022 poster. 

– Lynsey Dellinger