Food Guide

Green  Trail Food Booths

Alaska Elephant Ears

Delicious deep-fried batter, smothered in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, honey, berries or cream cheese.

Beta Sigma Phi

Serving cotton candy, lollipops and soda for over 50 years at the Alaska State Fair!

Log Cabin #6

Big Dipper Concessions

A long-time favorite serving ice cream cones and treats, xangos and hot, crispy corn fritters with honey butter.  Fried chicken and chicken wings with dipping sauces!

The Boardwalk

Fresh peach pies and peach waffles, plus beer-battered halibut, chicken and fish kabobs.

Log Cabin #4

Cajun Cookin’

Jammin’ jambalaya, red beans and rice, file gumbo, deep-fried Cajun pickles.

Log Cabin #2

Church of God in Christ – BBQ

Texas BBQ beef, chicken or ribs, hotlinks or hot dogs, and all the extras including home-style pies.

Log Cabin #3

Curly Bob’s

Deep-fried potatoes, onions, zucchini and corn dogs – golden and crispy on the outside, tender and savory inside.

Log Cabin #6

Dean’s Corn Dog Corner

Juicy burgers, fries and deep-fried corndogs.

Log Cabin #3

El  Perico

Beefed-up carne asada tacos, taquitos and tamales.

Harkey Concessions

Delicious strawberry treats and candy for the chocolate lover.

Log Cabin #5

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Cones filled with shaved ice and topped with a wide variety of yummy flavors.

On Green Spur.

Husky Burger

Great burgers and hot dogs for hungry fairgoers, and a fine breakfast menu for early-goers.

Log Cabin #4

J & L Granny’s Concessions

Traditional Philly cheese steak sandwiches and deep-fried veggies.

Lionel’s Seafood

Famous seafood gumbo and chowder – clams, shrimp, and calamari.

Log Cabin #5

Macho Nacho

Crispy, crunchy nacho chips topped with your choice of ultimate tasty toppings.

Midnight Moon Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Coffee, hot and cold espresso drinks, Italian sodas, teas, and soft drinks.

Midnight Sun Lodge #117

Juicy burgers, plump hot dogs, spicy links, and hot, crispy fries.

Log Cabin #2

Original Gourmet Ice Cream Bars

Great orange or root beer floats, wild berry lemonade, fruit and mocha granitas, and hand-dipped Gourmet Ice Cream Bars. Chocolate covered bacon!

Patty Wagon

Great burgers and Alaska Grown garden fries, plus a fine breakfast menu for early risers.

Log Cabin #6

Phyllis’s Cafe

Bread bowls filled with soup, chili or real seafood chowder, prime rib sandwiches.

Log Cabin #4

Potato Palace

Hot-stuffed baked potatoes with scrumptious toppings.

Log Cabin #1

Seafood Alaska

Tasty seafood pitas and the always-popular deep-fried halibut chunks.

Log Cabin #3

St. Michael’s Slippery Gulch

Family favorites including burgers,  sandwiches, chili, soups, and delicious desserts – all created with homemade flavor.

Sugarlash Enterprises

Bright red candy apples, blue-berried popcorn and pink perfection cotton candy!

Log Cabin #2

Taco Dan’s

Crisp, crunchy corn tortillas dressed up with traditional toppings and either folded with spicy meat or laid flat and spread with frijoles refritos. Also serving fried ice cream.

Log Cabin #6

Team Gyros

Traditional gyros and honey-soaked baklava.

Log Cabin #5

Waheed #81 Oriental Shrine

Corn on the cob, hot dogs, chili dogs, jumbo pretzels, nachos and Italian sodas.

Log Cabin #1

Wild Bill’s Buffalo Burgers

Bison-based burgers, Polish sausage and buffalo chip potatoes.

Log Cabin #1

Purple Trail Food Booths

Bushes Bunches

Divine desserts, fresh Alaska Grown veggie packs and rib-sticking stew, as well as Valley-fresh local produce.

On Miner’s Loop.

Cornucopia Cones

Homemade waffle cones piled high with ice cream and topped with hot fudge, caramel or warm fruit.

Ed’s Eats

BBQ-glazed chicken wings , Alaskan smoked salmon and clam chowder and Chicken Parfait.

Harkey Concessions

“Gourmet” and “Donut” burgers,  chipstix,  wafflestix, and Kool aid pickles.

Hoop ‘n Hula Milk ‘n Cookies

Several varieties of fresh-baked cookies  –  plus tall glasses of fresh milk to wash them down.

On Miner’s Loop.

Kernal Mac’s Popcorn Wagon

Serving perfect old fashioned popcorn; traditional – pure butter – cheese – caramelcorn.  Popt fresh daily.  Also, delicious Chocolate Dipt Bananas!

Mostly Mediterranean

Kibbi plate, tabouli, hummus, and rolled grape leaves.  Thai steak and pestarella sausage on ciabatta bread.  Original family recipes!

Pastie Shack

Freshly made piping hot pasties, sizzling German sausages, and scrumptious deep-fried Alaska halibut.

Pioneer Peak Pretzel Co.

Fresh, hand-rolled soft pretzels and a variety of stuffed breadsticks made from scratch.

Reuben Haus

Serving up grilled Reubens with beer-braised kraut.  Also,  beer-battered mushrooms and savory fries.

Rollin Donuts

Tiny, tasty donuts and ice cream treats.

Soy Oriental Fast Food

Oriental favorites, such as fried rice, mongolian beef, cashew chicken and egg rolls.

Susitna Shorty’s Concessions

Cheesecake In A Cone and Susitna Shorty’s Fry Bread, Indian Tacos and more.

The Crab Shack

Succulent scallops, shrimp, crab cakes, and tasty crab bisque, fresh from Alaska waters.  

On Miners Loop.

The Soda Jerk

Fresh-made Flavored Drinks. A variety of taste experiences!

Tres Amigos

Tasty halibut and jerk chicken tacos, Cuban black beans and rice, and savory quesadillas.

Vagabond Blues

Vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, soups, freshly squeezed juices, fresh-cooked potato chips and desserts.

Vagabond Blues Coffeehouse

Located north of Vagabond Blues, this espresso café also offers cinnamon rolls, cookies,  and whole bean coffee.

Yukon Concessions

Delicious nutty treats – almonds, cashews, pecans and peanuts – salted and glazed, fresh off the roaster.

Red Trail Food Booth

Anchorage Scottish Rite Bodies

Golden-fried halibut, shrimp, chicken and steak fries, plus ice-cream delights including shakes and cones.

Aunt Linda’s Funnel Cakes

Made by hand from an old family recipe, these lacy concoctions come out golden brown and dusted with powdered sugar.   On Red Spur.

Becky’s Original Kettle Korn

Puffy, white corn kernels covered with a sweet-salty splash.

Bonanza Mexican Food

Crispy tacos, tender burritos and combo plates prepared from authentic Mexican recipes.

Denali Cream Puffs

Delicate puffs filled with vanilla whipped cream, topped with velvety chocolate or mixed berries.

Dippin Dots

Tiny, party-colored ice cream dots in a variety of flavors to excite the palate.  On Red Spur.

Express Yourself

Delicious hot and cold coffees and espressos.

On Office Court.

Friar Tucks

Delectable roasted golden sweet corn, saucy and fried zucchini, and sweeties (sweet potato fries), plus apple spears smothered in caramel.

Glacier Pizza

Savory handcrafted pizzas, plus teriyaki, vegetarian, Caesar and Greek wraps.

Gobbler’s Grill

A Fair tradition – turkey legs! Also serving piled-high pork sandwiches.

Great Alaskan Food Adventure

Pork chops and chicken on a stick, plus Alaskan gold nuggets (batter-fried cheese curds).

Indian Valley Meats

Spicy reindeer Polish dogs, buffalo bratwurst, hot dogs, caribou steak sandwiches and jerky & snack sticks.

M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs

Great franks, tasty toppings with a good bite, and warm buns.  Include chips and sodas for a complete meal.

Mr. Gyro

Gyros piled high with succulent meat, crunchy churros and Alaska Grown potato wedges with tzatziki sauce.

Pristine Products

Oysters, oysters, oysters –  fresh from Prince William Sound.

Rae’s Gourmet Tamales

Handmade tamales in varieties such as blue corn/jack/jalapeno or sun-dried tomato/feta/pecan, served with yummy homemade sauces.

Roscoe’s Catfish & Barbecue

Crispy, crunchy flash-fried catfish served with red beans and rice, as well as barbecued meats and sandwiches all prepared by Chef Roscoe.

Salmon Express

Delicious Bristol Bay salmon, grilled and layered into tender cheesy quesadillas. Also serving salads and chowder.

The Red Beet

Famous red beet breads with incredible toppings, savory tarts with new flavors daily.  Fresh raw vegetable & fruit juices  and French press coffee and tea.

Yellow  Trail Food Booth

Becky’s Original Kettle Korn

Puffy, white corn kernels covered with a sweet-salty splash.

Across from the Grandstand lawn

Country Boy Bar-B-Q

Old fashioned slow-cooked barbeque and all the trimmings.

Across from the Grandstand lawn