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Glenn-Parks Project Not Expected to Delay Fair Traffic

How will the road construction at the Glenn-Parks Interchange affect traffic to the Alaska State Fair? It’s a question that’s been coming up more frequently as the Fair draws near.

“We know that fairgoers will appreciate the improvements to the roadway. However, we also know fairgoers are concerned about possible traffic delays on their way to the Fair,” said Jerome Hertel, Fair general manager. “We reached out to the Department of Transportation about the project so we could let fairgoers know what to expect.”

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) reports that all lanes will be open and there will be no construction activity on the paving and bridge rehabilitation project during the Fair, which takes place August 25 – September 5.

Fair traffic will be free to use all lanes of the interchange prior to the Fair, and there will be no construction activity to distract the drivers,” said Patrick Harvey, project engineer with the Alaska DOT&PF. He added they are currently working on details, such as completing the permanent inlaid lines, which is expected to be complete in the next couple of days.

“After that, the northbound traffic can be moved back over on the northbound highway and we will do our best to finish the permanent inlaid lines on the southbound highway a few days after that,” Harvey said.

According to the Alaska Navigator website, “The remainder of the project will not affect getting to or from the Alaska State Fair. Any remaining work on the Glenn Highway at the interchange will be done after the Fair.

“Hundreds of thousands of people head to the fairgrounds each year, so traffic flow and safety is an issue that’s important to both us and our fairgoers,” Hertel said. “We appreciate the Department of Transportation recognizing the significance of the Fair and the steps they are planning to take to ensure smooth travel for our fairgoers.”

The project, which began in spring 2016, will improve the Parks Highway from the Glenn-Parks Interchange at mile 35 to just past the Seward Meridian Parkway at mile 40, as well as the Glenn-Parks Interchange and ramps. Upon completion, the highway, all ramps and the interchange will be repaved, new waterproofing membranes will be installed on 11 bridges, expansion joints will be replaced on four bridges, and bridge approaches will be repaired on all 13 bridges.

Drivers can find more information on the project and traffic impacts by visiting or calling the hotline at 907.232.5473.

Author: Rachel Grenier

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