Winter Storage Program

Various buildings on the Fairgrounds are used for storage from early October through the end of April. The buildings are not heated and are as follows:

Conditions of Storage Application

A $50.00 deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list. You may contact us by e-mail ( to begin this process. We need to know your daytime phone number, address, type of item to be stored, and its overall length (including trailer hitch). You may pay with Visa or Mastercard over the phone or mail your deposit to: Winter Storage, Alaska State Fair, Inc., 2075 Glenn Highway, Palmer, AK 99645. This does not guarantee you a space.

If you decide to cancel your request for reservation, we must receive your cancellation notice by Friday, September 14, 2018 for a refund. Deposits are refunded in October if we are unable to offer you space.

Storage is from early October to approximately first week in May. You must furnish your own insurance.

Vehicles, campers, boats and trailers are not easily accessible while in storage. You must make sure they are winterized and all valuables are removed. If you absolutely must get to your stored item, there will be an access charge of $50.00.

At pick-up time, a $50.00 deposit will reserve space for the next year. This amount will be deducted from your total cost. Cancellation notice must be received by Friday September 13, 2019 for refund.

Alaska State Fair will notify you by mail and email of the storage and pick-up dates. Fair hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are not open Saturday and Sunday.

The Kid Zone

  • Fully enclosed
  • For items less than 8 ft. tall, such as cars, pickups, and pop-up campers
  • Concrete floors
  • Prices are the same as Irwin


  • Fully enclosed
  • Concrete floors
  • Can take regular motorhomes and boats with 14 ft. clearance.
Up to 14 Ft.$ 516.00
15 to 19 Ft.$ 549.00
20 to 24 Ft.$ 583.00
25 to 29 Ft.$ 603.00
30 to 34 Ft.$ 638.00
35 to 39 Ft.$ 669.00
40 to 44 Ft.$ 697.00
45 to 49 Ft.$ 724.00

Address: 2075 Glenn Hwy Palmer, AK 99645

Phone: (907) 745-4827

Fax: (907) 746-2699

Farm Exhibits

  • Completely Covered
  • Not fully enclosed
  • Paved Floor
  • Note: Ask about special load-in and pick-up times for 5th-wheel trailers.
  • 5th_wheel spaces are very limited. Please contact us about availability.
Up to 14 Ft.$ 428.00
15 to 19 Ft.$ 461.00
20 to 24 Ft.$ 483.00
25 to 29 Ft.$ 521.00
30 to 34 Ft.$ 549.00
35 to 39 Ft.$ 576.00
40 to 44 Ft.$ 603.00
45 to 49 Ft.$ 655.00

Fire Code & Building Safety Requirements

Cap off the propane tank. (Or provide letter of confirmation that the propane tank is secure for storage and gas will not migrate.)

  • Leave no more than 1/4 tank of fuel in stored items.
  • Provide a drip pan for under the motor.
  • Disconnect Batteries
  • Give keys to Main Office Staff for emergency purposes and relocation.