Special Days at the Fair

We will help you develop creative ways to reach your audience so that your sponsorship can be successful. Sponsorship of the Alaska State Fair not only gets your name in front of potential customers, but allows you and your employees to directly interact with them.

Sponsoring a Day at the Fair provides one-on-one contact with our fairgoers. You can greet them at each of the four walk-in gates, provide goodies, discounts or just welcome them. We will work with you to accomplish your goals and make the day yours.

A sign will welcome our fairgoers to your day: “Today is Healthy Living Day sponsored by…”

With a 10’x20′ space at the hub of all the trails in the Fair in the Pioneer Plaza, there is no better spot on the grounds to have the biggest reach to all fairgoers. Use this to leverage your sponsorship and put on your own activity. Walgreens has given flu shots. KTUU set up an anchor desk and their news team took photos with the fairgoers. Use your imagination! We can help you brainstorm ideas that would add value to your sponsorship. If you wish to be present at each of our four walk-in gates to meet and greet our fairgoers, we can provide you with a 10’x10′ space at each entrance.

Working in advance we are able to schedule events to complement your day. Healthy living Day has Healthy Living Activities taking place in the Event Tent and on Alaska Grown Day you can attend a mini Farmer’s Market.

Create a day that fairgoers will not forget.

Call 907-745-4827 or email for more information and find the perfect sponsorship for your organization.