We are looking for sponsors to join the fun and participate in the Alaska State Fair. We cannot put on a Fair without sponsors. We are a private non-profit organization and we are not funded by State or Borough tax dollars. Sponsors contribute to the promotion of the Fair, entertainment, events support, and exhibit premiums. We count on the support of sponsors for the on-going future and success of the Fair.

Event marketing is quickly becoming the wave of the future. People want to be participants, not consumers. They want to feel good about their purchase and they want to support brands that support their values and ideals.

Sponsorship offers a chance for people to connect – not just brands to people, but people to people and to their communities. Our mission is to know exactly what would be most beneficial to your company and to find an opportunity that best accomplishes that goal. Having an idea of what your company’s objectives are will help us to get started.

Why Sponsor?

Sponsorship of the Alaska State Fair not only gets your name in front of potential customers, it gives you benefits to fit your needs and wants:

  • Maximum exposure – As an official sponsor of the Fair, your organization will have a tailored opportunity to interact with more than one million Fairgoers.
  • Allows you and your employees to directly interact with Fairgoers
    Visibility and signage on the grounds
  • Promotional rights – opportunity to create pre-fair traffic to your business
  • Sampling opportunities
  • Admission to events and Hospitality opportunities for Clients and employees
  • Show support for the community

Partnership Opportunities

The Alaska State Fair has a wide variety of opportunities to connect to fairgoers. Investments range from $500 – $100,000. Benefit packages are created to meet your marketing and public relations goals. We work to find the sponsorship opportunity which fits your demographic target market, your goals and your mission. We work with you to find the best fit!

  • Concert Sponsorship
  • Events, Contests and Attractions
  • Exhibit Sponsorship
  • Venue Sponsorship
  • “Day at the Fair” Sponsorship
  • Benefits

We will help you develop creative ways to reach your audience so that your sponsorship can be successful.

Whether your sponsorship is cash, in-kind, or media-related, we want you to reap the benefits of official sponsorship status.

We’d love to discuss your goals and mission.  Call 907-745-4827 for more information to find the perfect sponsorship for your organization.