Leftovers from the State Fair go to animals

Monday, September 13, 2010

One of the highlights of the Alaska State Fair is seeing the giant vegetables.  It's hard to believe with one's own eyes, how big produce can grow under vigilant care and endless daylight.  But after the hotdog stands are packed up, the carnival rides moved on, and the animals sent home, where do all the vegetables go???

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, is pleased to announce a new partnership between themselves and the Alaska State Fair.  Starting tomorrow afternoon, giant vegetables will become giant food to the giant herds of animals of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.   These once famous vegetables, the center of many photographs during the fair, have a chance to become famous once again, and also serve another purpose, by feeding the animals at the Center. 

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center received a huge truckload of many giant cabbages, giant zucchinis, giant turnips, giant radishes and gourds from the State Fair. These near record book vegetables are too big, mealy and tough to be consumed by people. However, they are very nutritious and editable for animals. Starting tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM,  Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center will begin dishing out these huge treats to all the animals. The wildlife center's flatbed pickup truck will be stocked full like a "Horn of Plenty " then driven into the brown bear enclosure. The bears will be able to sort through the bed of the truck picking  their favorite delicacies. Extra cabbages will be served to the moose, elk and bison.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501-3-C non profit.  AWCC manages 100 wood bison for the  State of Alaska that require a tremendous amount of daily feed.  The wildlife center houses 160 animals total including deer, musk ox, elk, moose, caribou, porcupine, foxes and black bears.

The Alaskan public, State Fair visitors and AWCC visitors are happy and excited to see the vegetables go to such a good use.

Thank you for considering this offer. Please contact AWCC by 10 Am if you plan to join us.

Please contact ,

Kelly Miller
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Portage Glacier, Alaska
907- 301-5575

Mike Miller
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Portage Glacier, Alaska