Daily Schedule and Plan My Day

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Daily Schedule and Plan My Day

Submit Your Entries to the Fair!

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Submit Your Entries to the Fair!
This week starts the next batch of entry dates and times for Alaskans submitting their livestock, crops, flowers, honey and more! The Fair is the largest showcase of all things Alaskan and a celebration of our state’s diverse agriculture and more. Get details about Exhibits here.
Poultry & Rabbits: 🐔🐰
1st entry: Tues, Aug 21 | 4 – 8:30pm
2nd entry: Tues, Aug 28 | 4 – 8:30pm
Honey & Beekeeping: 🐝
Tues, Aug 21 | 2 – 8pm
Baking, Crops & Flowers: 🍰🌽🌻
1st entry: Wed, Aug 22 | noon – 9pm
2nd entry: Wed, Aug 29 | noon – 9pm
Open Livestock: 🐑🐄🐖🐐
Wed, Aug 22 | 4 – 8:30pm
4-H Livestock: 🐷🐮🐰
Tues, Aug 28 3 – 7pm
We can’t wait to see all of the Alaska-grown, Alaska-bred offerings and share them with Fairgoers from all over!

Instagram Fortnite Contest 8/29!

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Instagram Fortnite Contest 8/29!
You can’t deny that Fortnite has taken the world by storm!
Llamas are appearing around the world, and rumor has it, one will be on the Alaska State Fair Fairgrounds on Wednesday 8/29 – Cosplay Day!!
Win 10,000 V-Bucks!!
We’ve got an easy way for you to enter to win up to 10,000 V-Bucks on 8/29! An Instagram Contest!!

What’s the Contest? 👀

All you need to do is starting 12noon when the gates open for the Fair on Wednesday 8/29:
1. Spot the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama piñata !*
2. Take a photo of the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama piñata .
3. Post your photo of the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama piñata to your Instagram account with the hashtag #AKFairFortnite and follow and tag @officialalaskastatefair so we can see your entry.
At 5:30pm, we will pull THREE WINNERS randomly from the entries we receive.
The Prizes!!! 🏆
We’ve got V-Bucks for you!!**
  • 💰3rd Prize – 2500 V-Bucks**
  • 💰2nd Prize – 6000 V-Bucks**
  • 💰1st Prize – 10,000 V-Bucks** PLUS you get to keep the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama piñata! 🎉
Please Note: The Llama in the Fair Exhibits is NOT the Llama to photograph to participate in this contest.
* The Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama is a real piñata about 18 inches tall. It will be placed in a safe and fully public location that does not require climbing to spot or photograph.
** The V-Bucks Prizes will come in the form of X-Box Gift cards (2500 V-Bucks = $25 X-Box Gift card; 6000 V-Bucks = $60 X-Box Gift card; 10,000 V-Bucks = $100 X-Box Gift card or denominations as close to these amounts as available).
The official hashtag of this contest is #AKFairFortnite. You must also follow and tag @officialalaskastatefair to qualify.


  • You must be either 18 years of age or older to participate on your own or if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult at all times as your search for the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama piñata.
  • You must be present at the Fairgrounds on Wednesday 8/29 to participate BUT you do not have to be present to win. Only entries submitted on 8/29 will be accepted between 12noon and 5pm Alaska Time.
  • If you win, you are responsible for picking up your X-Box Gift Card prior to the end of the Fair and no later than 5pm on 9/3. The cards will be available at the official Alaska State Fair office at the reception counter. Be prepared to show ID and your Instagram account on your smartphone to prove your identity. Only the winner or their parent or guardian is able to pick up the prize and must have verifiable proof of identity or relationship with the prize winner.
  • Alaska State Fair reserves the right to withhold the prize if in doubt about the validity of the identity of the claimant.
  • There are no further prizes available for this contest. Participants in this contest accept all responsibility for their own safety.


Contestants will be instantly disqualified if they:
  • · Enter a restricted area of the Fair.
  • · Climb on any object at the Fair that is not meant to be climbed.
  • · Endanger themselves or others.
  • · Try to dislodge or damage the Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama.
  • · Behave in a manner that is inappropriate for the Fair.
  • · Break any rule of the contest.
  • · Uses the contest as an excuse for behaving in any inappropriate manner.
Alaska State Fair reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who cheats or otherwise tries to manipulate the contest parameters.

Get your tickets to the Fair to participate!

Remember to use the hashtag #AKFairFortnite when you post your Alaska State Fair Fortnite Llama photo to Instagram. You must also follow and tag @officialalaskastatefair to qualify.

Royal tradition returns: Alaska State Fair Queen

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Royal tradition returns: Alaska State Fair Queen

The very first Alaska State Fair in 1936 featured the crowning of the Fair Queen – and we’re bringing back this royal tradition with a modern twist at the 2018 Fair!

Join us at the coronation event on Thursday, August 23, at 7 p.m. on the Colony Stage, where we’ll crown the queen and select other members of the Fair royal court, including two princesses and a cultural ambassador. Fairgoers also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidate to be honored with the People’s Choice Award!

Eight young Alaskan women are vying for the Fair Queen title this year. Meet this year’s candidates:

Bianca Temple:

“Since 1936 the Alaska State Fair has become the highlight of every year. Becoming the Alaska State Fair Queen would not only recreate history, but it would be an amazing opportunity to represent a staple of Alaskan tradition. My compassion, ambition and outgoing personality would allow me to share these experiences and fulfill any duties put in front of me.”

Briana Thibodeaux:

“I have lived in Alaska for 11 years. I grew up in a military family, which has enhanced my ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. I enjoy the Alaska State Fair and I am involved in my community, especially with Anchorage youth.”

D’ nayla Alston:

“With my emotional intelligence, community involvement, and love for all things Alaska, I can show our community the best of our fair and what it’s like to make memories here. I want to represent our state fair by sharing the amazing opportunities and traditions to everyone in our wonderful state. I wish to fulfill this opportunity and go beyond expectations.”

Emilee Bartman:

“I believe I would make a wonderful Alaska State Fair Queen and Cultural Ambassador. I love Alaska with my whole soul. I want my son to see the beauty in Alaska and its people as I do. I enjoy speaking with people about many things, but Alaska is always a type on heart and head.”

Hannah Noble:

“I am Alaska, I am proud of our state, I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We aren’t all cookie cutter. I embrace all the beauty around me. I’m bilingual in Yupik, I love Alaska and all it offers.”

Samantha Wanner:

“I should be the next Alaska State Fair Queen because I would love the ability to represent this beautiful state. Alaska is my home, and I am so proud to be a part of these communities here. Being the Alaska State Fair Queen would give myself the platform to strengthen my outreach into continuing to make our home state so great. This opportunity to serve Alaska and be a good-will ambassador is something I have always wanted to pursue.”

Storm Young:

“With my love for pageantry and community involvement, I could show our state what the fair has to offer. I would invite others to take part in not only the fair, but also next year’s pageant. Also, I loved the West Virginia State fair in my home state, it was always my favorite part of the summer. I made so many great memories there and meet so many amazing people. Now, that I am here in my new home state that is on the other side of the US. I want to continue to spread the laugher and memories that will last a life-time.”

Tala Ianu:

“No other event symbolizes our great state and who we are as Alaskans quite like the Alaska State Fair. I recognize that as Alaska State Fair Queen I will serve as ambassador to all Alaskans and to the world at large. I am committed to serving at the highest level as State Fair Queen; welcoming all groups, families, and individuals to join us in this annual celebration of who we are as Alaskans.”

The winners will be selected by a panel of five judges, who will score the candidates on appearance, communication, community involvement, resume, Fair costume and introduction, and a “My Fair Memory” presentation.

Interviews, which are closed to the public, take place on August 19. The August 23 coronation event, which is open to the public, will include the candidates’ costume, introduction and Fair memory presentation, as well as the crowning of the royal court and announcement of the People’s Choice recipient.

In addition to the Fair Queen and two princesses, judges will also name a cultural ambassador, who is of Alaska Native descent. The queen and members of the royal court will represent the Fair and share the Fair experience with Alaskans and visitors at events throughout the year.

Learn more about the Fair Queen contest and vote for your favorite candidate on our website!

Alaskans Take Over The Fair for More #AKFairFun

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Alaskans Take Over The Fair for More #AKFairFun

For the second year in a row, we’ve invited Alaskans to “take over” the Alaska State Fair Instagram account during Fair time.

Takeovers are popular on social networks showcasing different people who “take over” someone else’s account for the day.

Last year, six Alaskans took over a day at The Fair. This year, we’re featuring 12 Alaskans on our Instagram account, one for each day of the Fair!

Experience the Fair through different eyes. Follow everyone’s adventures on our official Instagram account @officialalaskastatefair. You can also follow the hashtag #AKFairFun on Instagram and Twitter as well as check our Facebook feed for select updates!

Scheduled Takeovers are:

Thursday, 8/23 – AOGA – Ashton LeKites Energy Day

Ashton LeKites

Ashton LeKites, part of the Fair’s Social Media Team, will be taking over the Fair account on Day 1 on behalf of AOGA. Ashton is an incoming freshman seeking a psychology and Spanish degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage having just graduated from Chugiak High School. She loves making coffee and hanging out with her dog. Born and raised in Alaska, she loves the Fair and all its excitement.

You can find AOGA on Twitter at @aoga and on Facebook at Alaska Oil and Gas Association


Friday, 8/24 – Laura Sampson, Little House Big Alaska [Palmer] GCI Kids Day

Laura Sampson, LIttle House Big Alaska

Laura Sampson is on a mission. As a lifelong Alaskan, she wants the entire world to know that there’s more to her state than snow, ice hockey, and polar bears. Laura shares about real life in Alaska, family-friendly recipes, easy DIY projects and other family topics on her blog Little House Big Alaska. Laura is a Digital Influencer, Social Media Specialist, Freelance Writer for hire. Whether it’s a recipe or an easy craft or just a chat about a favorite product, you never know what’s coming up next from Little House Big Alaska, but it’s always served up with a side of AK.

You can find Laura on Instagram at @LittleHouseBigAlaska and at


Saturday, 8/25 – Kyle and Nicole, The Alaska Life [Wasilla] Family Day

NIcole and Kyle, The Alaska Life

The Alaska Life motto is: ‘Cultivating a connection to Alaska and developing a love for the life we live in the Last Frontier!’ After continually answering questions about our ‘Alaskan Lifestyle’, the idea was formed to start a blog and answer a few questions about what Kyle and Nicole did up here, how they lived, and share in some of the adventures they partake in every year and in every season. The community surrounding The Alaska Life quickly grew as a result, and is now the largest social media outlet in the state! A lifelong Alaskan, Kyle married Nicole at a young age and the two began a family shortly thereafter. Adventuring in Alaska, often with children, provided much of the inspiration for sharing some of the trips that they go on. Whether it is the annual hunting trip, hiking in Hatcher Pass, camping in Prince William Sound, or fishing in Southcentral Alaska, The Alaska Life hopes to inspire others to enjoy our state and also endeavors to share others adventures through videos and photos submitted from their community!

You can find The Alaska Life on Instagram at @thealaskalife and at


Sunday, 8/26 – Anita Mwiruki, Fashion by Anita [Fairbanks] Alaska Airlines Day

Anita Mwiruki, Fashions by Anita

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speaking.” Some people have art, music, or words; for Anita Mwiruki, it’s fashion. She says she wakes up, and gets dressed according to how she feels. Being fashionable for a reasonable price and rocking various styles is her passion. Anita is coming in from Fairbanks on Alaska Airlines to Takeover our Instagram on this day!

You can find Fashion by Anita on Instagram at @fashionby_anita and at


Monday 8/27 – Megan Ancheta, Allergy Free Alaska [Anchorage] Wellness Day

Megan Ancheta, Allergy Free Alaska

Megan Ancheta is a busy homeschooling mom of two girls who are gluten and dairy free. She understands how difficult it is to find quality recipes that fit one’s dietary restrictions, which is why she created the gluten-free food blog, Allergy Free Alaska. All of Megan’s recipes are family-friendly, kid-approved, and are meant for the every day home cook.

You can find Megan on Instagram @allergyfreeak and at


Tuesday 8/28 – Susie Jenkins-Brito, Set The Net [Dillingham] Senior Day

Susie Jenkins-Brito, Set the Net

Susie Jenkins-Brito is a recipe developer and writer from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Her family practices a subsistence lifestyle and they rely on the commercial salmon industry for their livelihoods. Her food and lifestyle blog, Set the Net, is a way of passing on snapshots of rural life and her favorite Alaskan inspired recipes.

You can find Susi at @setthenet on Instagram and at


Wednesday 8/29 – Megan Killoran, Nothin’ But Trouble [Anchorage] Cosplay Day

Megan Killoran

Megan Killoran has been singing lead in her three bands Nothin’ But Trouble, Lil’ Trouble and Nothin’ But Karma since the winter of 2012. She is also one of the top vocal coaches in Anchorage, runs a multitude of productions including the Great Alaska Talent Competition during Fur Rondy, The AK49 Karaoke Competition, and is the events coordinator and band scheduler for Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse. Raised in Eagle River since she was a young child, Megan loves Alaska and all it has to offer! The AK State Fair is a HUGE part of her life and upbringing. She is honored to play with her bands and have her students perform there every year.

You can find Megan at @megank_in_ak_nothinbuttrouble on Instagram and at


Thursday 8/30 – Mikey Huff, Photographer [Anchorage] Alaska Day with BP

Mikey Huff

Mikey Huff is an Alaskan born photographer who utilizes his curiosity and love for humans in order to connect with his subjects. Discovering photography late in his high school career, he took to it without looking back. Mikey strives to build communities up and collaborate with the creatives who push and inspire him. Stay tuned for a fun Instagram scavenger hunt and contest Mikey is planning on running on this day!

You can find Mikey at @mikeyhuff on Instagram and at


Friday 8/31 – Adam and Sherri Legg, LeggLife [Anchorage] Tech Day with MTA

Sherri and Adam Legg, LeggLife

Adam Legg is a digital strategist, social media nerd, YouTuber, nonprofit Executive Director, and bearded male. He and his wife Sherri love experiencing Alaska, traveling, and sharing their adventures via their LeggLife YouTube channel.

You can find Adam at @LeggLifeAK on Instagram and at


Saturday 9/1 – Maya Wilson, Alaska From Scratch [Kenai] Mining Day with Council of Alaska Producers

Maya Wilson, Alaska From Scratch

Maya Wilson is the author of The Alaska from Scratch Cookbook and the face of Alaska’s premier food blog, Alaska from Scratch. She is also a food columnist for Anchorage Daily News and the head chef of a new restaurant in Soldotna opening later in 2018 (IG: @addiecamp). She lives in Kenai with her wife and three kids.

You can find Maya at @alaskafromscratch on Instagram and at


Sunday 9/2 – Collin Christiansen [Palmer] Military Appreciation Day with and Geico Military

Collin Christensen

Collin Christiansen is a born and raised local resident of Palmer, Alaska. He received a degree in Business and Communications from the University of Concordia, Nebraska. He has a wide array of interests two of which are coaching Palmer high school football and being involved in story telling whether it be in community theatre or on screen. You might have seen him on a local stage or in the new Nomad Cinematics film “Sudsy Slim Rides Again” written by Chad Carpenter. When he isn’t watching shows, checking out attractions, and eating euro sandwiches at the fair, you might find Collin acting in shows, hanging out with other unattached adults at Bible studies, and eating sandwiches made with care.

You can find Collin at @collin_christiansen on Instagram.


Monday 9/3 – Andrea Gusty, Kuskokwim Corporation [Anchorage by way of Aniak] First Responders Day

Andrea Gusty, Kuskokwim Corporation

Andrea Gusty is a lifelong Alaskan from the village of Aniak on the Kuskokwim River. She has a background in journalism, communications and community relations. Now Vice President and Chief of Staff at her Native Corporation, the Kuskokwim Corporation, Andrea works to improve the lives of those from the Middle Kuskokwim region. Andrea lives in Anchorage with her husband Clinton and her sons Wilson and Randell.

You can find Andrea at @andreagusty on Instagram and at Kuskokwim Corporation.


Keep up with our Takeovers and get a fresh take on the Fair by following our official Instagram account @officialalaskastatefair or follow the hashtag #AKFairFun on Instagram or Twitter!

The Fresh Dozen: 12+ New things

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The Fresh Dozen: 12+ New things

It’s almost here – the 2018 Alaska State Fair. This year you’ll find all your Fair favorites, but we’ve planned some fun new surprises, too. Here’s a baker’s dozen of things to consider as you plan your trip to the Fair. Check them out and tell us what you think! #AKFairFresh

#1 $5 admission to say thank you.

To say “thank you” to our First Responders and members of the military, we are offering $5 admission on Military Appreciation Day, Sunday, September 2, and First Responders Day, Monday, September 3. On Military Appreciation Day, each servicemember can also bring up to three dependents at the discounted admission. Read more


#2 Drink beer, save farms.

Raise a glass to the future of Alaska’s farmlands at Brew Tap! The event, held Friday, August 31, will feature local brews made with local ingredients, as well as live music by the Super Saturated Sugar Strings. $1 from every beer purchased will be donated to the Alaska Farmland Trust, which is dedicated to preserving Alaska’s farmlands for future generations. Read more

#3 Unlimited carnival rides.

With our new carnival wristbands, you get Fair admission and unlimited carnival rides for just $50 (must purchase by August 22). The carnival wristbands are good on either Monday or Tuesday, August 27 or 28. There are also options to purchase without Fair admission or at the carnival on the day of. Read more

#4 Buy parking online.

I in Fair Sign

This year, we’re excited to offer the ability to purchase Fair parking online in advance. Buy your parking pass online and print at home, then scan it quickly and conveniently at the entrance to the parking lot. Both single day passes and season parking passes are available, and you can purchase anytime throughout the Fair. Read more

#5 Award-winning marching band.

The award-winning Colony High School Marching Band, THEE Northern Sound, has been invited to perform in Normandy, France, for the 75thanniversary of D-Day in 2019. You can help them get there by buying tickets to see them perform on the Borealis Theatre stage on Tuesday, August 28. The band will also march in the Fair parade on Saturday, August 25. Read more

#6 Ancient Alaska sea monsters.

Stop by the eWorX Don Sheldon Events Center to meet local artists James and Andi Havens from the Alaska Paleo Project and learn about Alaska’s recently discovered prehistoric creatures, including ancient sea monsters who inhabited Alaska’s ancient oceans over 75 million years ago. Read more

#7 Jim Gaffigan times 2.

What’s better than a Jim Gaffigan show? TWO Jim Gaffigan shows! The Grammy-nominated, New York Times best-selling stand-up comedian returns to the Fair for not one, but two performances on Sunday, September 2. Read more


#8 Blues and Brews with Jonny Lang.

Sample a flight of craft beers or sip a pint of your favorite brew as you enjoy early admission to the Jonny Lang concert! Gates open at 5:30 so come early for a brew before the bluesy stylings of Grammy Award-winning guitarist Jonny Lang. Read more


#9 Glow Zone in the Kid Zone.

This brand new show, appearing daily, stars bioluminescent fish, reptiles and insects and is FREE with Fair admission. Great for both kids and kids at heart. Read more


#10 Rodeo Dance w/Branch & Dean.

After day one of the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Rodeo Alaska Champions Tour, end your day by dancing the night away at the Rodeo Dance with live music by Branch and Dean! This hot country duo, known for high-octane country like the raucous anthem “Your Ol’ Lady’s Gone” and their breakthrough hit “The Dash,” takes the stage Saturday, August 25 at 8:30 p.m. Read more

#11 Cirque Zuma Zuma.

Described as an African-style Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Zuma Zuma features nonstop action and amazing performances showcasing all different types of African culture. Fast-paced and full of acrobatic ingenuity, the show is part high-energy dance act, part Cirque du Soleil, and part Harlem Globetrotters. See them at the Alyeska Pipeline Colony Stage, FREE with Fair admission. Read more

#12 Storytime with Curious George.

You’ve read about him in books, seen him on TV – and now you can meet everyone’s favorite curious little monkey in person! Curious George, one of the most beloved and most recognizable characters, is coming to the Fair to meet and read with fans young and old. Read more


#PLUS – Crowning of the Fair Queen.

The very first Fair in 1936 featured the crowning of the Fair Queen – and we’re bringing back this royal tradition at the 2018 Fair! Join us at the coronation event on Thursday, August 23, where we’ll crown the queen and select other members of the Fair royal family, including the princesses and a cultural ambassador. #ASFQ18
Read More and vote for the People’s Choice Award!


Want to know more about the 2018 Fair? Check out our website for an up-to-date daily schedule and plan your perfect day at the Fair.

Enter Our Sweepstakes – Win Tickets

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Enter Our Sweepstakes – Win Tickets

Win Concert Tickets – Enter Our Sweepstakes

Enter to Win Free Fair Concert Tickets Starting Today!

Here at the Alaska State Fair, we think the only thing better than going to a concert … is going to a concert FOR FREE (and taking a friend)! That’s why we’re giving away two concert tickets (plus a whole bunch of other great stuff) EVERY WEEK for 7 weeks as part of our AT&T Concert Series Memories in the Making Sweepstakes. From entries received during the 7 week sweepstakes, a winner will be selected to win the grand prize which includes a pass for you and three friends to attend a day at the Fair and the concert of your choice. And you can enter starting today!

Wondering who you can win tickets to see? Check out the prize drawing schedule:

  • July 2, 2018: Stone Sour – Enter Now
  • July 9, 2018: Goo Goo Dolls
  • July 16, 2018: Three Dog Night
  • July 23, 2018: Bishop Briggs with lovelytheband
  • July 30, 2018: Luke Combs
  • August 6, 2018: Jim Gaffigan
  • August 13, 2018: Lindsey Stirling
  • August 17, 2018: Grand Prize

Interested? We hope so! Here’s what you need to know to enter:

  • You can enter once a day starting at noon today, Monday, July 2, until noon on Monday, August 13.
  • You can earn one bonus entry by sending a Tweet, and another bonus entry for every Facebook friend who enters!
  • To enter, just complete the entry form on the Fair Facebook page or website.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident to enter.
  • Make sure you check out the official rules for more details.

Every Friday we will choose one lucky winner who will receive:

  • 2 Meet & greets to one of the Alaska State Fair’s AT&T Concert Series shows*
  • 2 Reserved admission tickets to that concert
  • 2 Daily Fair admission tickets
  • 1 Premier daily parking permit
  • 2 Meal vouchers**
  • 1 Sheet of carnival ride tickets

One Grand prize winner will receive:

  • 4 Reserved admission tickets to that concert
  • 4 Daily Fair admission tickets
  • 1 Premier daily parking permit
  • 4 Meal vouchers**
  • $50 Carnival package

Get entering and good luck!

And here’s the fine print we have to mention:

Check out the official rules here

*All meet and greets are subject to change and/or cancellation. Sponsor reserves the right to deny entrance to the meet and greets at any time.

**Meal vouchers good at participating food vendors.

Olsons named Farm Family of the Year

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Olsons named Farm Family of the Year

(Palmer, AK) – The Olson family of Soldotna has been selected by the Alaska agriculture community as the 2018 Alaska State Fair Farm Family of the Year. They will be honored at the Alaska State Fair on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

Brian and Laurie Olson operate their farm and winery, Alaska Berries, on the Kenai Peninsula. They moved to Alaska from Montana in 1990 and began farming in 2002. Brian and Laurie both came from multi-generational farm families. Brian’s father still lives on their family’s homestead in South Dakota. Laurie’s parents farmed in eastern Montana until the mid-1950s.

The Olsons officially started Alaska Berries in 2007 when they began planting more berry bushes and selling berries at the local farmer’s markets. “… the farm evolved from our enjoyment of growing flowers and vegetables, and then berries, for our own pleasure,” said Laurie Olson. Today, the farm/winery sells plants and handcrafted value-added Alaska Grown products such as wine, jam, syrup, juice and vinaigrette. They also raise bees, chickens and ducks. The winery was licensed in 2012 and their Alaska Grown wines have won ribbons at the Alaska State Fair, in addition to several medals at the NorthWest Wine Summit. Brian and Laurie hire both seasonal and year-round help, from teenagers to grandparents. In the future, the Olsons would like to increase production of their value-added products.

Brian and Laurie are active within their local agriculture community as members of the Alaska Farm Bureau, the Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District and the Kenai Chamber of Commerce. They also support the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, the Alaska Farmland Trust, and the Kenai Watershed Forum. The family said their favorite thing about farming is watching their plants and animals grow and mature, as well as the “connection to the land” that they have.

The Farm Family of the Year award, sponsored by the Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union, was established by the Alaska State Fair in 2000 to honor an Alaska farming family and show appreciation for all the hardworking Alaskans committed to agriculture. After reviewing nominations, an awards committee chaired by the Alaska Division of Agriculture selects the winning family based on production of quality Alaska Grown products, community and agricultural organization involvement, and overall image.

Recent Farm Family of the Year winners include the McCollum and Pinkleman families of Northwest Land & Livestock and Delta Meat & Sausage, Inc. (2017), the Plagerman Family of Scott Plagerman Farms (2016) and the Pettit Family of Little Pitchfork Ranch (2015).

Special Days at the Fair

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Special Days at the Fair

Ways to Save at the Fair

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Ways to Save at the Fair