State Fair
August 23 - September 3, 2018

Sewing Department – Division Champions

Division 01: For Youth, to age 3, Woven – P: Professional SUSAN SCHNERING SUSAN SCHNERING
Division 05: For Teen and Women, Woven – Open PATRICIA JONES WASILLA, AK
Division 07: Garment for Men, Woven – P: Professional LOUANN WILSON WILLOW, AK
Division 8: Garment for Men, Knit – P: Professional GLORIA SNODGRASS PALMER, AK
Division 10: Bags/Totes/Handbags – P: Professional LOIS EPPERSON WASILLA, AK
Division 11: Outerwear (no fur) – Open JUDY COCHRAN BIG LAKE, AK
Division 12: Costume – Open KIANA OLIVER WASILLA, AK
Division 13: Living Space Décor, Kitchen – P: Professional MARLENE FULLER CHICKALOON, AK
Division 14: Living Space Décor, Family Room – Open SHIRLEY HEINTZMAN WASILLA, AK
Division 15: Living Space Décor, Bedroom / Bath – Open PATRICIA LIVINGSTON WASILLA, AK
Division 16: – Living Space Décor – Hobby Room – Open SHIRLEY AEINTZMAN WASILLA, AK
Division 17: Toys – Open WENONAH DODD ANCHORAGE, AK
Division 18: Green – Open ALICE STEVENS EAGLE RIVER, AK