State Fair
August 23 - September 3, 2018

2016 Results

4-H State Fair Invitational Results

Alaska’s Got Talent

Canning Division Champion

Canning Sponsored & Special Awards

Creative Arts & Crafts Division Champion

Creative Arts & Crafts Department

Alaska State Fair Parade

C & H Sugar “Just for Kids” Cookie Contest

Handwork & Needlework Department: Division Champions

Handwork & Needlework Department: Special & Sponsored Awards

Honey & Beekeeping Department: Special Awards

Honey & Beekeeping Department: Division Champions

Photography Department: Division Champions & Special Awards

Duck Tape Contest(s)

Parent Child Look-Alike Contest

Rabbit Division Champions & Special Awards

Rabbit Division Champions and Special Awards 2nd Entry

Vendor Booth Awards

Art Division Champion & Special Awards

Baked Goods Division Champion 1st Entry

Baked Goods Special Awards & Sponsored Awards 1st Entry

Baked Goods Special & Sponsored Awards 2nd Entry

Baked Goods Department 2nd Entry

Clay Arts Division Champion

Clay Arts Sponsored and Special Awards

Homemade Apple, Peach, or Pear Pie Contest

Quilts Division Champion

Quilts Sponsored and Special Awards

21st Annual Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off Results

Alaska State Fair New State Records CROPS

King Arthur Flour “Decorated Cupcakes” Contest

Livestock Division Champions Open

Fiber & Fleece Department Division Champions

Fiber & Fleece Department Special Awards

Crops Division Champion 1st Entry: Division Champions

Crops Division Champions 2nd Entry: Division Champions

Crops Sponsored And Special Awards 1st Entry

Crops Sponsored And Special Awards 2nd Entry

Flowers Division Champions 1st Entry: Division Champions

Flowers Division Champion 2nd Entry: Division Champions

Flowers Sponsored and Special Awards 1st Entry

Flowers Sponsored and Special Awards 2nd Entry

Poultry 1st & 2nd Entry Awards

Professional Invitational Craft Brewery Awards

Sewing Division Champions

Sewing Special Awards

Spirited Beverages & Soda Pop Division Champions

Spirited Beverages Special & Sponsored Awards

Window Display Contest Results

Woodworking Division Champions

Woodworking Special Awards

Cheesecake Contest

Yeast Bread Contest