Bill Cosby: Sunday, August 25

Bill Cosby

Sunday, August 25 @ 3pm

Kendall Toyota of Anchorage Borealis Theatre

General Admission: $40* Buy Reserved Seating: $80* Buy

* Price DOES NOT include fair admission. Convenience fees apply. Bill Cosby ticket holders will be allowed to bring small foldable chairs but must sit along the back wall of the theatre so unimpeded exit space is maintained for safety. Chairs are not allowed for any other shows.

Described as a “national treasure with the unique ability to touch people’s hearts,” Bill Cosby’s career has spanned five decades and virtually all media. The legendary entertainer is known for his stand-up comedy act, gold and platinum comedy albums, award-winning TV shows such as The Cosby Show, hit movies like Uptown Saturday Night, and best-selling books including “Fatherhood.”

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