Check Out the Fair Annual Meeting Results

Wow, what a night! We held our Alaska State Fair annual meeting last Thursday, and have lots of exciting things to report.

About 150 people, mostly Fair members as well as some interested supporters, attended the meeting. We held an election to fill four open seats on the Fair board of directors, and we’re pleased to report that Stephen Brown, Kristy Bernier, John Harkey and Richard Stryken were elected to the board.

Brown was elected to the one-year board seat, Bernier took the two-year board seat, and Harkey and Stryken were re-elected for full, three-year terms.

Members also voted on changes to the articles and bylaws that would allow mail-in and electronic voting. Such changes must be approved by two-thirds of the membership present, and the bylaw vote failed by a narrow margin.

During our food vendor showcase, meeting attendees sampled tasty bites from potential 2012 food vendors and then voted on their favorite. The vendor with the most votes was offered a booth at the 2012 Fair. We’re excited to announce the winner is The Reuben Haus – be sure to check them out at this year’s Fair!

We also announced the performers confirmed to date for our 2012 AT&T Concert Series, and Fair members had the opportunity to reserve tickets in advance. Mark your calendars – tickets go on sale to the general public March 23! Watch our blog, website and Facebook page for forthcoming details.

Finally, meeting attendees got a sneak peek of the video we are putting together with the help of Alaska Channel. Using footage and interviews from the 2011 Fair, the film explores how we are striving to truly be “Alaska’s Fair” by encouraging participation by all Alaskans. Check it out for yourself by viewing this short clip.

Did you attend the annual meeting? Have reviews on the food vendors? Feedback on the concert series? Thoughts on the video clip? Share your thoughts on the Fair’s Facebook page! Want to stay in touch with the Fair? “Like” the Fair on Facebook and sign up to receive email and mobile updates!


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Meet the 2012 Fair Board Candidates

Ready to meet your candidates for the Alaska State Fair board of directors? Four seats will be open on the Fair board, and eligible Fair members will vote to fill the seats at the 2011 annual meeting.

Eligible Fair members will vote to fill four open seats on the Fair board of directors during the 2011 annual meeting on February 9.

The meeting will take place Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7 p.m. in Raven Hall on the fairgrounds.

A total of 10 candidates applied to serve on the Fair board of directors. Below, the candidates state why they wish to serve on the board. You can visit our website to read the full profiles.

The board candidates include:

  • Josh Anderson. “I am passionate about the fair! As a child growing up in 4-H, FFA, fair concessions, as a livestock superintendent and judge, I desire to continue my involvement. The fair has been a huge part of my life. With 2 young children of my own, I want to ensure that the fair traditions, programs, and educational possibilities are concreted for generations to come. I want to extend my ‘Fair’ experience, knowledge and abilities along with my ‘Business’ experience in policy origination and implementation. I want to give back to the fair what it has given to me … success!”
  • Kristy Bernier. “I love the Alaska State Fair. I’m on the grounds everyday either in my capacity as the liaison between MTA and the fair or as a fairgoer enjoying all that it has to offer. I also help other community organizations with their fundraisers and events throughout the year on the fairgrounds. I believe I could be a tremendous resource to the board of directors and would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from our community and the organizations that I volunteer with. I’m always available to do whatever I can to make the Alaska State Fair as great of an experience as those I remember growing up in Palmer.”
  • Stephen Brown. “I wish to serve on the Alaska State Fair Board of Directors because it is an iconic part of Alaska’s agricultural heritage. I have extensive experience working with the New York State Fair, the Kansas State Fair, the Alaska State Fair and numerous county fairs. I believe these experiences could provide valuable insight for continuing to expand the education and fun to be found at the Alaska State Fair. I would also like to help the fair become an even greater destination event for those beyond the Valley and Anchorage.”
  • Stu Graham. “The Alaska State Fair is an essential gathering place for the people of South Central Alaska and for others throughout the State. As a showcase for agriculture, manufacturing, resource development, entertainment and cultural themes, the Alaska State Fair is a multi-faceted experience which broadens the knowledge base of all who attend and I want to ensure this experience continues to be available and enriches the lives of Alaskans and our visitors.  As a member of the Board of Directors I can help assure resources are properly allocated to maintain and enhance the quality of the Alaska State Fair.”
  • John Harkey. “To see continuing improvements to the Fair’s infrastructure and improve our Fairgoers experience. I’ve worked very hard with other Directors to prioritize and find funding to upgrade the aging system and buildings. One of the most important upgrades and ONE of the more expensive projects is the sewer system. Until this is completed, we won’t even be able to build another bathroom. To achieve what was only a dream five years ago is now becoming a reality.”
  • John Klapperich. “My mantra has always been ‘if it can be done the Valley can do it. My 30 years of business experience may help the Alaska State Fair remain the ‘jewel’ of what we do.”
  • Lorie Koppenburg. “In the spring of this year when the log cabin vendors were notified by the Administration of their intention to remove those landmark structures, the timing and delivery of that decision and the impact on the involved vendors sent a ripple through the vendor community and the state fair community. Since that time, I have been asked by many Alaska State Fair members and community members to consider running for the Board of Directors. Their confidence in me, the support of my family, and my own desire to participate in the development and direction of the Alaska State Fair inspire my decision to run for this position.”
  • Red Secoy. “I have been involved with the Fair for many years. I am familiar with all aspects of the Fair.”
  • Richard Stryken. “Having served as a temporary director for the past six months, I wish to continue serving on the board. We have just celebrated our 75th year, and our slogan this year was 75 and growing’. The reality is, we are busting at the seams. Although we have done tremendous work in the past I believe it is time for us to look into substantially expanding our infrastructure as well as developing our overall appearance and our fairgoers experience. I wish to contribute my knowledge of both horizontal and vertical construction to move us forward.”
  • William Tull. “My family and I have watched the Fair grow during the past 40 years from one of an agricultural nature to the present. We initiated the petting zoo at the Fair and garnered many blue and purple ribbons in the livestock and vegetables categories. It is with this background that I seek membership on the Fair Board to promote increased Fair participation in Valley youth interests. The Fair can be more dynamic than it is today. Horse Racing at the Fair is still a viable option and a program that will make use of the Fairgrounds and, if properly promoted, weekend four-month use of the Fair facilities.”

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