Pirates, Pirates Everywhere!

There’ll be pirates everywhere you look today at the Alaska State Fair – from the Pirates for Hire performances to Pirate Night at the Jolly Roger Pub to the group of pirates visiting the Fair from Anchorage!

Pirates for Hire, a live-action, pirate-themed entertainment troupe, performs at 1, 3 and 5 p.m. at the Grandstand Lawn. Don’t miss their award-winning, action/comedy performance, which involves cutlass fighting, pistol firing and breakaway bottles! Free with Fair admission.

The pirate party continues with Pirate Night at the Jolly Roger Pub, the Fair’s newest watering hole. The pirate-themed pub is located on the Yellow Trail, next to Pirate for Hire. The festivities start at 5 p.m. While you’re there, don’t miss the Rogues and Wenches, performing their rowdy Irish barroom ballads at 6 p.m. and be sure to try this year’s official Fair beer, Denali Brewing Company’s Single Engine Red!

You’re also more than likely to run into a “collection of scallywags, rogues and wenches” strolling around the fairgrounds today, giving out gold coins and sea shells, testing fairgoers’ knowledge of pirate lore with pirate trivia, and maybe even singing a little sea shanty.

The group from Anchorage will be on the grounds in costume to raise awareness of the Blood Bank of Alaska and to invite fairgoers to the Anchorage Pirate Pub Crawl, a fundraiser for the Blood Bank that takes place Saturday, September 17. Learn more on the Anchorage Downtown Partnership website or on Facebook.

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